Tuesday, June 15, 2010


No, I'm not watching the World Cup, just the Parkridge Parakeets, and Jorja scored today. It was kind of a fluke, but she was in there enough to get it, not off somewhere looking at dandelions, so that was good. She was so proud of herself (and so was I) that she turned around and came running toward me waving and grinning from ear to ear.

Jorja, Ginny and I went for a bike ride today, Jorja on hers and Ginny and me on mine. We went twice around the crescent today - a new distance record. It was in the late afternoon, and Ginny was actually starting to fall asleep in the seat on the back of my bike. Jorja, who has named her bike Jasmine, decided today that the bike should have a middle name 'Speedy.' Because that's appropriate. We were on the back side of the crescent, and when they paved it, they took three swaths sown the street, so there's a visible line a little wider than where the parked cars are. I told Jorja that we just had to stay on the right hand side of that line, and we would be all right. She replied, "That line there that God made on the road." Yeah, that's the one. Later.

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