Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Skating, geography and kittens

I guess I'm not doing very well with my resolution.  January is half over already.  The month is going well though.  The girls are settled into their new daycare and enjoying it.  Ginny made the transition to the morning preschool like a rock star.  She has some new friends and even had a duel play date (there is a family with two girls - one in Jorja's grade and one in Ginny's).  Every day when I pick the up, CeCe runs up to me and yells, "I go to Cindy's house!"  That's good, cause that's where I'm picking you up.

Skating started last week and I'll be honest - it was a little shaky.  For Ginny's age group, they take all the kids out on the ice and sit them down on the blue line.  Then they shake their legs, touch their toes, and a bunch of other stuff.  Lastly, they get the kids to get up.  Well, try as she might, my little Bambi couldn't do it.  She started to cry.  She was looking at me over by the boards and crying.  Poor thing.  But the instructor came over and gave her a walker and she got up.  I was a little worried, but she pulled herself together and had a fun lesson.  Jorja did alright too.  She seems to be one of the weaker ones in her class, but she's trying and having fun.
Ginny waiting to get out there
Jorja rounding the pylon

Ginny up and having fun
Tonight, Ginny was able to get up all by herself with no help from the instructor or her walker.  It was awesome!  I was so proud of her. 

The one thing about skating is that the rink is across town, so it takes about 20 minutes to get there.  Our first trip was so long that it led into a geography lesson led by Jorja.  Ginny was wondering if we were leaving the city or the country.  Jorja explained that we live in the country Canada and in the province of Saskatchewan and in SK, there are many cities.  Saskatoon is one.  Prince Albert is one.  Yorkton is one.  Regina is one.  "But Ginny, it's not like the regina we have.  That's different."  At this point I had to intervene.  "Whoa, whoa, whoa!  You do not have a regina.  Yours starts with a V."  By this point there was a lot of giggling going on in the back seat.  Sheesh.

We also have some other fairly big news.  On Saturday, we got a kitten.  Maggie has joined our household and is fitting in great and getting lots of love.

Ginny is the most taken with her, which is no surprise.  I think now on our third work/school/daycare day, Ginny finally didn't cry about having to leave Maggie at home alone.  It just broke her heart to leave her alone by herself all day.  It's no surprise Maggie made out quite well and probably enjoyed a little down time.  Last night before supper, CeCe was wearing some dress-up fairy wings.  She took them off for supper and left them on the floor by her chair.  Maggie came up to investigate as kittens do and started playing with the wings.  CeCe looked down and in a very stern voice said, "Maggie!  Not Cool!"  I wonder where she heard that from.  Later.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A new year

I guess if I said I was going to write more regularly again this year, I should at least do it once in the first week.  2013 is shaping up well so far.  We've had a few big changes this year and the girls handled them all great.  The biggest change was new daycare.  Jan. 2 saw us start with a new daycare provider.  We had met her before Christmas and the girls all loved her instantly.  As we were leaving the initial meeting, Ginny asked how many sleeps till January second.  That was a huge sign for us.  (We thought she would be the toughest sell)  As it turns out, as the day approached, Jorja was the most nervous, but they all went and had a great time.  Not a tear was shed at drop-off or throughout the day.  With the daycare switch, we also moved Ginny to the morning preschool session.  I took her for the first class on Friday and she did awesome there too.  The teacher figured that after she made a couple friends, she would like this class better anyway.  They are a little more her speed.  This weekend brought us back to piano/music lessons and Sunday school.  The girls all jumped right in like they never left off.  Next week starts skating lessons for the older two, so we'll see how that goes.  So it's been a busy start to the year, but all is well and God has answered our prayers.

In the meantime, the girls are getting some use out of their Christmas gifts, which is good.  Ginny got a Hello Kitty make-up desk with some toy hair tools (straightener, clip, brush, hair dryer complete with a battery and working fan).  So there has been lots of sitting in the chair and getting stylized.  Today I believe I overheard the Furby was even getting her hair straightened.

It turns out that the hair dryer also serves another purpose because part of back to school/daycare was new toenail polish.

Nothing like a little fan to help dry the pedi.

I'm not sure where the girls got the idea, but this weekend they have been 'exercising'.  Basically this involves getting out a blanket for a yoga mat and rolling around on it.  I did witness some pretty feeble attempts at push-ups, and here is the ringleader trying to show her sidekicks how to do sit-ups.

This afternoon they wanted to dance as well.  So I got them set up with the wii and they burned off some steam with Just Dance 2.  It was quite the sight.  I think Jorja may have some Elaine tendencies in her dance moves (Seinfeld reference).  Interesting to say the least.  Anyway, CeCe felt left out with no 'remote' to dance with so I had to find her one.  We still have the VCR one kicking around, so that was her controller.  It actually did the trick.
CeCe has been learning from her sisters and is starting to appreciate potty humor.  The other day as I was getting her out of the tub, she let a pretty good ripper go.  "What do you say?" I said.  She grinned and said, "Fawted."  I asked her what she says when she farts and before I was done the question, she let another one go.  "Fawted again!" she said.  It's tough to argue with that.

In another month, CeCe will turn three, and the girls have been reminding her of that already.  The other day Jorja asked her what she wanted for her birthday and without missing a beat, she said, "Presents!"  It's good to know what you want.  Later.