Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 wrap up

December has passed us by and we are now into the new year.  Hard to believe.  Here are some of the highlights of the month.

CeCe with Santa at her preschool Christmas concert:

Ginny all dressed up and ready to perform for her concert:

Jorja dressed up for her concert:

Time to make some cookies:

Decorating cookies with Poppa:

Nanny mixing up some icing:

The girls reading the Christmas story:

Julie taking her parents for a sleigh ride:

Julie and her Dad hanging out in the shop:

As you can see, it was a busy month.  The girls each had their own concert for school (grade 1-3 on one night and grade 4-7 on the next) and CeCe had her preschool one.  We traveled to Tofield and Golden Prairie to spend time with family.  And we had our own first Christmas here in Lloydminster.  
The year has definitely had it's ups and downs and major changes.  We packed up and moved to Lloydminster from Saskatoon.  Julie left her job of 11 years and I left mine of nine.  The girls switched schools and piano teachers.  We switched churches.  We left behind dear friends which we miss and still keep in close contact with.  Julie is enjoying work at her new clinic.  I am enjoying my time at home with the girls.  The girls have all settled into their new schools and classes and are excelling here.  They've all taken swimming lessons here.  CeCe is taking skating lessons.  I kept my Movember mustache and it is now long enough to wax the ends.  I started playing hockey again.  Ginny made a commitment to follow the Lord and accepted Jesus as her savior.  And both my Dad and Julie's continue to battle and fight cancer with all they're worth.  The treatment has turned Julie's Dad's hair white and taken my Dad's hair altogether.  They have both aged this year, but continue to be an example to us of how to live and always keep God first.  He is in control and we have to trust Him.  

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and wish everyone the best in 2015.  Check out my new look and new start for the new year.   Later.

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