Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fragile skin, Pez, marriage and snow

Our conversation over lunch the other day somehow turned to the Wiggles. It must have been on at daycare, because we never watch it at home. Ginny informed us that, "Anthony from the wiggles is 70. He doesn't even look old. He only has a couple white hairs and his skin doesn't look fragile." (If you're reading this Dad, I didn't ask her about your skin.) 

A friend gave me some Pez candy and three Star Wars Pez dispensers to help me through my recovery. The kids haven't had Pez that they can remember, so they were enjoying sharing my treat with me. CeCe had one and stated, "Pez are crunchy. Like carrots."  Yeah, that's exactly what comes to my mind. 

Cece has decided that she wants to marry me. After a lengthy conversation explaining that this wasn't going to happen, I told her that some day, she would meet a nice boy and then she could get married to him. She said, "Yeah, when I'm older, I'll marry a nice boy. When I'm five. And I'll be nice to it. Not mean." I was thinking maybe a touch older than that, but at least 'it's' not me. 

There was a slight skiff of snow today. Jorja came home and decided that she was going to shovel for me. (I guess actually for Julie since it can't shovel now.)  She's been a pretty big helper since my surgery. 
That's me looking out through the warm kitchen window at my child labour. Later. 

So long hernia

This has been kind of a slow week for me. Just as in the fact that I'm moving fairly slow. I had surgery last Wednesday (Jan 22) to repair a hernia. I've been living with the hernia for almost a year, so I was ready to see it go. I've never gone under the knife before so I guess I didn't really know what to expect. I'm not sure why I thought there wouldn't be that much pain after or that sitting and standing wouldn't be an issue. Now I know. 

Julie's parents came up for a few days to help out which was a huge blessing. Without them, the kids would not have been able to go to their skating lesson and CeCe would have had to miss her swimming lesson. Now listening to the fallout from that would have been painful. As it was, they got everywhere they needed to go and were picked up from daycare on time. (In Papa's truck no less, which was kind of a big deal.) And we had good meals to eat as well. 

Jorja has taken the whole surgery thing the roughest. She was a mess before it happened worrying about it and for the first few days after as well. As I was tucking her in one night and making her sit up to hug and kiss me because I couldn't bend over that far, she started to cry. I asked her what was wrong. She said, 'you're just not the same anymore.' Poor kid. I tried to explain that I had to do this so that I could be the same person again but I'm not sure she'll really buy it until I start doing a lot better. 

On Sunday the older two girls had their piano recital. We braved the bitter cold and stayed until they were done. (I had had enough sitting by then and it appeared that CeCe did as well.) They both played really well. 

That's what's new around here. Later. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

It's all pipes

Yesterday CeCe had her swimming lesson while the older two girls were in school. We're taking the lessons at Lakewood pool which has family change rooms, so that's kind of nice. I can take her into a room by herself and get her changed and not have to deal with any embarassing  questions. Last week she liked the fact there was a shower in there for after too. So when we were done this time, she wanted to have a shower. It just so happened that this time we were in the wheelchair change room, so the shower nozzle came off the wall and you could hold it. Well, she thought this was pretty cool. 

Then things took a turn for the worse. She was standing in the running water and we all know the feeling that brings on. She asked if she could pee. I weighed my options. Get her dried off and dressed in a big hurry and then look for a bathroom? Or let her go? I went with George Costanza's philosophy. 'I was there, I had to go, I saw a drain...what difference does it make? It's all pipes!!' 

I'm guessing I'll have to deal with the same question every week now. Later. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Skating, scars and swimming

Last night we started the first skating lessons of the year. It's going to be a long 10 weeks because it's a bit hectic getting there. I pick the girls up from daycare, bring them home and immediately feed them supper. We get ready and as soon as Julie pulls up when she's done work we pile into the car. Then it's off we go. Jorja starts half an hour before the other two and they all end at the same time. We got Jorja ready, skates tied and out onto the ice. 
We watched for about 5 minutes and then thought we should get the other two ready. This was CeCe's first time in skates so it took a bit of time getting ready. They have to wear helmets with face masks now and I tried CeCe's on her before, but didn't leave it on for very long. It took some getting used to not being able it pick her nose through the cage with mitts on. But we got them ready with a couple minutes to spare. Ginny even looks like a hockey player right now. 
They all did really well, but I was amazed at CeCe. I knew just holding her hand walking to the ice that she was going to be steadier than Ginny was her first time. And she was!  She was able to stand up on the ice all by herself. We were shocked. She still needed the walker for the lesson, and I'm pretty sure she's got some big bruises developing but she's going to be just fine. It was still a really long half hour watching her fall over and over. But she kept getting up. She was pretty exhausted by the end, but that's ok. They were all pretty sweaty little creatures. We got them all home, tubbed and they were sleeping by eight. Finally a chance to sit down and breathe.

This morning after Julie left for work and the girls had finished breakfast I had a few minutes to spare before we were off to school. I went to the bathroom. Now, if you have kids or cats, you know this is seldom an overly private experience. I was doing my business and CeCe walked in. 

A little background info:  A few months ago I had a cyst cut off my hip. The doctor let the resident sew it up and it didn't heal well. There were only three stitches, but two of them just came untied and fell out. So now there's a big scar that's pretty dark colored yet. 

Back to today:  upon seeing my scar, CeCe asked if my owie was better now. I said yeah, it didn't hurt anymore. It just doesn't look very nice. She said, 'it isn't red anymore?'  I said no. 'It's purple now?'  I said yeah, it was kind of purple. She said, 'Hmm, that's my favorite color,' and left. It's nice to know she finds some beauty in my disfigurement. 

We got loaded in the car and took the older two girls to school. As we were walking out, holding hands, CeCe looked up at me and said, 'It's just you and me now.'  She says the sweetest things. We headed for her swimming lesson then. She was ready:
I've never gone to swimming lessons on a weekday morning before. We've always put the girls in lessons in the evening. The morning is a different clientele. Nights are full if kids - sea otters, salamanders, whales, swim kids levels of all ages. General chaos. The morning consists of one little class of sea otters doing the hokey pokey and a whole pool full of blueberry blondes aquasizing. Definitely a little different. 

She had a blast though and even put her face in the water. Maybe the third time is the charm for this sea otter level. 

After swimming we made a quick stop at the grocery store and then home and then back to school to pick the girls up for lunch. Apparently skating the night before swimming lessons plays a girls out:
That's kind of how I feel. Later. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mary, Martha, nibbles and bits

We were out doing some errands this afternoon and got home just in time for 'snack time' at 3:00. We all sat down around the table which is kind of unusual for snack. When everyone was done, I suggested that the girls go clean up all their toys so that I could vacuum the family room. Jorja and Ginny set off to tackle the task at hand, but CeCe stayed behind listening to Julie and me talk while plucking grapes from the bowl. 'Do you want to go help clean up?' I asked her. 'No,' she replied, 'I'm going to stay and visit.'  Alright then Mary, you seem to know what's important.  Let the two Martha's worry about the toys. 

Last night, the girls decided they were going to be grown up. What does it take to be grown up you ask? Boobs. That's what I gathered anyway. They found four small balls (which Ginny and Jorja used) and two cupcakes (toy ones which CeCe used) and shoved them under their shirts and proceeded in walk around with their chests filled out. It was pretty comical to see. 'Look at us!  We're all grown up!  We've got boobs!'  Heaven help us. After a while of this, Jorja stated that she had the balls on her nibbles. 'Your what?' Julie's asked her. 'My nibbles.'  'You mean nipples?'  'Oh yeah.' *hysterical giggling*. At least we got that body part correctly labeled. Later. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy new year

Here we are, the beginning of another year. The last year had some trials, but much to be thankful for.  I was going to try to summarize everything, but then I thought I'd use Julie's Christmas letter instead.  Here goes:

 Another year has come and gone and I can’t believe that it’s that time. Perhaps this year I’ll be quirky and make this letter in a rhyme.
Not too much is new in Saskatoon – no new drama, no family cartoon.  Our family expanded early last year-oh no, not pregnant.  Do not fear!  Instead we find our hearts are smitten for now we have two new kittens.  Maggie is grey and white, full of spunk, Layla is black and has grown into a large hunk.  The kids like to play with and cuddle these two, truth be told, Dave and I like them on our lap for a few.
The kids have been busy as usual, you see.  Jorja is so big and is now in Grade 3.  She experienced camp for the first time this summer, she went with a friend, so it wasn’t a bummer.  She still loves to read and amazes us so, her math skills are crazy, spelling is a go.  She’s taken some swimming and is quite a fish.  This January is skating, where more fun is her wish. 
Ginny’s in Kindergarten and is doing so great.  She loves going to school and playing with her mates.  She also likes swimming, playing piano, and fun and soon will be skating and playing in the sun.  The tooth fairy has been coming often, Ginny’s lost 3 teeth, her diet we soften!! ;)
CeCe is three and is growing so tall. It’s hard to remember her ever being small.  She likes going to daycare and playing with friends, watching movies, playing house, and lots of pretend.  She, too, loves the water and spending time with her Dad, and this coming January, more swimming lessons will be had.
David is fine, still testing the beer.  He grew a big moustache when November was here.  Funds for prostate cancer were raised and his team gathered $9275 and were praised.  He keeps really busy with all of us gals, we love him to pieces, he is my bestest pal.
I’m doing well, still playing with sound.  The numbers of patients seem to abound.  I joined parent council at school this past year, the secretary I am, oh hooray, happy cheer. 
A big highlight for me was on November 28.  My mother and I, we had a date.  Tickets for us to see Johnny Reid, including a meet and greet – my Mom almost pee’d.  It was really fun, a fantastic show, our faces were happy, our hearts were aglow.
My Dad has been doing well fighting cancer.  His scans have come back clean, to my prayers, a great answer.  Dave’s dad, however, has not had such luck.  He too, is missing a kidney, which really does suck.  There are some spots now showing up in his bladder, so treatment will start with bladder rinses to solve the matter. We are hopeful that all will turn out real well, but prayers are welcome and would be quite swell.
We wish you all the merriest season, remembering that Christ is the truest reason for Christmas and all that we hold near and dear.  Best wishes to you in the coming New Year!

That was easy.  2013 in a nice, rhyming nutshell.  Thanks Julie.  This year is starting off where the last one left off - cold!  Julie went back to work today, so I'm home with the girls for the last couple days of our break.  Everything starts back up next week.  Work for me, school and piano for the older two, skating for all three and swimming for CeCe.  I got her into a class Friday mornings so I can take her while the other girls are in school.  I'm looking forward to it but not nearly as much as she is.  

This afternoon, I had a muffin pan soaking in the sink.  Jorja came up to get a drink of water.  She poured herself a glass and proceeded to choke on it.  She ended up spitting the contents of her mouth out into the sink.  It just happened to be on top of my pan.  When she was done coughing and had herself composed, she looked at me and said, 'If that was clean, it's going to have to be rewashed.'  Thanks tips.

Yesterday we got out the guitar hero for the girls to play.  And the Glee karaoke game as well.  It didn't sound all that great, but we all had a ball.