Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mary, Martha, nibbles and bits

We were out doing some errands this afternoon and got home just in time for 'snack time' at 3:00. We all sat down around the table which is kind of unusual for snack. When everyone was done, I suggested that the girls go clean up all their toys so that I could vacuum the family room. Jorja and Ginny set off to tackle the task at hand, but CeCe stayed behind listening to Julie and me talk while plucking grapes from the bowl. 'Do you want to go help clean up?' I asked her. 'No,' she replied, 'I'm going to stay and visit.'  Alright then Mary, you seem to know what's important.  Let the two Martha's worry about the toys. 

Last night, the girls decided they were going to be grown up. What does it take to be grown up you ask? Boobs. That's what I gathered anyway. They found four small balls (which Ginny and Jorja used) and two cupcakes (toy ones which CeCe used) and shoved them under their shirts and proceeded in walk around with their chests filled out. It was pretty comical to see. 'Look at us!  We're all grown up!  We've got boobs!'  Heaven help us. After a while of this, Jorja stated that she had the balls on her nibbles. 'Your what?' Julie's asked her. 'My nibbles.'  'You mean nipples?'  'Oh yeah.' *hysterical giggling*. At least we got that body part correctly labeled. Later. 

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