Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Julie's success story

I spend pretty much all my time on here talking about our kids.  Today I'm going to mix it up and talk about someone else - Julie.  My wife truly is amazing.  She has struggled with her weight most of her life, and last year she decided to do something about it for good.  She did her research and found a company based in Saskatoon - Weight Loss Forever.  They are pretty amazing as well - from the preparation before surgery, to the state of the art facility to the care and support after.

So in October of 2011, she flew to Mexico to have a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.  Basically, a big piece of the stomach is removed leaving you less space to put food and taking out a large portion of the hunger-producing hormone.

Some may think surgery is an easy way out, but let me tell you it is not.  She was on a liquid diet for two weeks pre-op and then it was eight weeks after before she could eat everything again.  Not an easy road at all.  Even now, things aren't always easy, but she has the tools she needs to be successful this time.

I kept hearing stories of husbands and loved ones who were against this surgery and people asked me if I was nervous or scared or hesitant about her having it done.  Other than the fact that it was surgery and there are always risks with that, I wasn't really.  She did her homework and she's a smart cookie and I trust her.  I had also seen her struggle with losing and gaining and losing and gaining and she felt this was the solution forever, so I was on board.

The girls weren't quite sure how to take all this, and we told them that Mommy was getting her stomach fixed so that she could have more fun playing with them and jumping on the trampoline and things.  They accepted this and are looking forward to playing with Mommy a lot more this summer.

So here we are now, almost six months later, and she has never looked or felt better.  Her journey isn't over, but she is well on her way and I am so proud of her.  So are some of her peers too:
I love you Julie.  You are an inspiration for many, but most importantly, your girls.  Later.


  1. And now I am ferklempt. I love you, too!


  2. Way to go Julie!!! So proud of you! Can't wait to see the new you!!! xxxx

  3. Way to GO!!!! at WLF we are ALL super proud of Julie too!

  4. Great job Julie, and so nice of you to post about her successes! My husband (also Dave...maybe its something with the name) was also very supportive. He did not hesitate once. He watched me struggle and struggle and knew that it was not because I was lazy or could just try harder. It makes life so much easier (and better) when you have someone wonderful by your side!