Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ginny's sick day

Ginny had been kind of complaining of a sore throat all weekend.  We kind of poo-pooed it thinking she was just out of sorts from all the babysitters.  When I picked her up from Sunday school, she had been crying saying it was too noisy and giving her a headache.  By the afternoon she had a pretty good fever going and she actually had a nap.  Okay, she was sick.  Yes, we felt bad. 

So I stayed home with her yesterday.  Jorja went to school and CeCe still went to daycare.  We were just going to have a day to relax and get better.  She wanted so bad to take advantage of having me all to herself, but she just didn't have the energy.  First, she wanted to play Barbies.  I agreed.  She got everything out and set up the way she wanted and then just wanted to sit on the couch and watch TV.  So I cleaned everything up.  Then she wanted to play Polly Pockets.  I agreed.  She got that stuff out and set up, and then she was beat again.  She wanted to watch a movie. 

So we put on a movie, and not very long into it, the power went out.  It would end up being out for seven hours!  But we didn't know that at first.  So we were sitting there in the fairly dim family room talking about the lack of power.  The way the sun was shining in and hitting the TV really brought out all the hand and finger prints.  Ginny noticed this too and said, "Look at all those schmucks!"  Yes, I said, what's that all about?  "I don't know Dad, we would NEVER touch the TV screen."  While this was a good answer, it was obvious that someone would in fact touch the screen.  Ginny said, "It must have been CeCe back when she was still one."  That's it, throw her under the bus.  Not that I have any doubt it was CeCe, I think they are a little more recent than that.

We went upstairs after a while and did some colouring and reading.  Ginny had a lot of questions about power and what needs power and where it comes from.  Finally she asked, "Does the piano still work?"  I said that it did, so she went cautiously over to it and ever so gently pushed down a key.  Now she pushed it to softly and slowly for it to make a sound.  She looked over at me skeptically.  I told her to push harder, so she did and then she was satisfied. 

She didn't really want to eat much, so I suggested we have a nap, thinking she wouldn't want to.  But she said yes, and then she fell asleep.  Naps two days in a row!  She was definitely sick.  But she was doing a lot better today, so hopefully she is on the mend.  Later.

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