Saturday, May 28, 2011

Phone calls

I worked the evening shift at work this past week, so I wasn't there when the kids went to bed.  Every night before they go to bed, they phone me to say goodnight though.  It is definitely the highlight of the night.  I'm not sure what Jorja will be like as a teenager because she would talk on the phone forever already. 

The first evening they called, we were talking and Jorja asked where I was.  I replied that I was in the lab.  "Does everyone have a lab?" she asked.  "Nope, just me,"  I said.  "Wow, you are one lucky boy!" came her response.  It is pretty exciting I guess.

Another night we were talking and she said, "Okay Dad, are you ready?  It's going to get a little bit jiggly now."  I asked what was going to get jiggly.  "The phone Dad,  I'm going upstairs now, so it's going to get jiggly."  She walked up the stairs, and then asked, "Was that jiggly?"  No, not really I said.  "Yes it must have been.  At least a little bit by your mouth."  It's tough to argue with that. 

Today is the final music/piano lesson for the girls.  That means tomorrow afternoon are the recitals.  Which also means sitting through a couple of hours for a couple minutes of pride.  Should be fun.  Later.

Monday, May 23, 2011


We went to my parents' place this weekend.  Julie still had to work Friday, so we didn't leave until after supper.  It worked out all right, because travelling after bedtime seems to work fairly well (most of the time, but I'll get to that later).  We ended up getting there around 10:30 at night, and my sister and her family were there as well.  Her boys were asleep in the basement, so we were quietly trying to get the girls down.  I explained to them how they had to be quiet and it was late and time to go back to sleep.  That is when Jorja's mothering instinct kicked into gear.  The two of them can fight and pick at each other pretty good some days, but not when it really matters it seemed.  After I was done my speech, Jorja looked at Ginny and said, "If you need anything in the night Ginny, you just ask me.  Don't stand at the end of the bed and yell for Daddy.  You just ask me, even if I'm sleeping, just wake me up."  She takes her role as the big sister pretty seriously.

We had a good visit over the weekend, but the weather wasn't the greatest.  And the mosquitoes!  Mom told me to bring lots of bug spray because the mosquitoes were bad, but I have never experienced anything like that before.  Ginny seems to have been bit the most.  This evening we even found a welt right on top of her scalp.  We're going through plenty of Afterbite.

We drove home Sunday evening after supper, hoping to cash in on the night driving.  CeCe fell asleep almost immediately, while the other two watched a movie.  Ginny was kind of sitting sideways in her seat, and I just thought she had moved the shoulder strap on her seat belt.  Then after almost an hour in the car, she says she isn't buckled in.  Whoops.  In the process of figuring this out, somehow she banged her forehead on the door.  Then came the deathwail.  Being overtired, realizing her seat belt was off and then this owie was the breaking point.  CeCe woke up from the commotion and for the next three and a half hours never went back to sleep.  The older two eventually nodded off, but not CeCe.  She wasn't really unpleasant until about the last half an hour or so, so it could have been worse.  I guess the moral of the story is that the order of falling asleep is important.  Every time that CeCe is the last asleep, the trip has gone well.

Speaking of CeCe, it was her turn for holiday lockdown this weekend.  It can basically be summed up by this equation:

48 hours + 4 bran muffins + 0 poops = 1 explosive Monday back home

My Mom makes bran muffins that the girls all really like, and CeCe had two each day.  We kept waiting and waiting and waiting but nothing.  We figured for sure she would do it on the ride home, but nothing.  It finally came this morning.  She woke up with a full diaper and never looked back.  Her last time was after her tub right before bed tonight.

Mom actually sent a few of the muffins along home with us, so the girls were having them for breakfast.  Ginny was eating hers and drinking milk and apparently back-washing.  She called Jorja over, "Jorja come look at this!  I've got muffin-milk!"  "Cool," Jorja said, peering into her glass.  "How does it taste?"  "Like milk and muffins," came the response.  Naturally.

I'm working the evening shift at work this week, so hopefully that doesn't through too much of a wrench into the lives of the girls.  Kids do like routine, and they can get rather difficult when it changes.  I guess we'll see.  At least it's a short week.  Later.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Even Steven

Jorja had her third soccer game yesterday.  She did pretty good - not as good as the first game, but better than the second.  I mean she didn't get any goals...on either net.  Even Steven.

It's pretty cool the way kids just see people, no colours or prejudices.  When the Disney movie 'The Princess and the Frog' first came out, Tiana quickly became the new favorite princess.  One day I asked Jorja how she knew which one Tiana was.  She said, "She has the green dress."  The reason I'm bringing this up was there was a bit of a funny incident on the way to soccer yesterday.  We had just parked and were getting out of the vehicle when a man walked by wearing a turban.  Jorja said, "Hey Dad, look at that guy's cool hat!"  Yes, I said, trying to make her keep her comments a little quieter.  I'm pretty sure he was almost out of earshot when she said, "He kind of looks like a genie."  Yes Jorja, I guess he does.  If only everyone only saw green dresses and cool hats.  Later.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Last night I was tucking the girls into bed when Jorja stopped me on my way out of the room, and said, "Dad, can you do me a favour?"  Maybe, I's never safe to say yes to that question until you know what the request is.  "Can you check the weather on the computer tonight so I know if I can wear a tank top dress tomorrow?"  Yes, my little fashionista, I can check.

Today Jorja was talking about what she is going to name her children when she has them.  She and Ginny have been on a child kick this weekend - lots of talk of babies in their tummies and such.  Apparently when they are 20, they will really have babies in their tummies.  Not if I have anything to say about that.  Anyway, the children are going to be Alison, Lily and Daisy.  I asked her what if she had a boy, what would his name be?  Maybe David I suggested.  Hint, hint.  "I think I'll call him Eddie."  Eddie, who is Eddie?!  "Like the Little People, Eddie."  It's good to see that Fisher Price Little People rate more than me.  Oh well.  Later.

Friday, May 13, 2011

CeCe's music tastes

Jorja and Ginny were colouring this morning, so I was entertaining CeCe.  She was sitting on my lap and we were at the computer listening to music.  She really likes music - I was amazed at how long she sat there on my lap.  She would get antsy when I played something she didn't like (not a big Katrina and the Waves fan - who doesn't like Walkin' on Sunshine?) and then sit back and relax if she liked it (she likes Johnny Cash).  When she really liked a song, she would sit up and dance (Fleetwood Mac) and there was one song she really liked.  When it started playing, she stopped, looked at me and gave this little giggle and then started dancing.  It was the same little giggle that she has when she eats something that she really likes (ice cream for example).  The song she liked the most was Johnny Horton's Battle of New Orleans.  My Dad would be so proud.  Later. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The wrong way

Mother's Day came, and Julie was blessed with all sorts of crafts.  I can hardly wait until my turn.  We went out to the Berry Barn for lunch, which was nice, except that it was so busy they were running half an hour behind.  Our reservation was for 12:30 and we didn't get seated until after 1:00.  Despite that, the girls did remarkably well.  Even the waitress commented on how well behaved they were.  At one point I had quietly said to Julie that we won't go there again on Mother's day, it's just too crazy.  So as we're getting ready to go, Jorja says in a rather loud voice, "Yeah, we definitely won't come here next year."  That kid does not miss anything.  When we got home, she asked where I wanted to go for Father's day.  I said that wherever they wanted to take me was good.  "All right, we'll go to McDonald's," She said.  Lucky me.

Last night Jorja had her second soccer game.  It was earlier than the first, so I took Ginny along with me to watch.  Boy, it still gets cold in the evening.  I could have had a touque on and been quite comfortable.  Jorja didn't have quite as good a game as the first time.  She still did good, and had fun, but there was just one little incident.  She got the ball away from a boy on the other team and then started to run with it.  "Turn around Jorja," I was yelling from the sideline.  I guess the heat of the moment and all that open field in front of her was just too much.  She ran.  And ran.  And kicked the ball right into her own net.  Oops.  Later I asked her if she got a goal (I wasn't sure how she perceived things) and she said no, so maybe next week we'll go the right way.  It was pretty cute though.

We got a trampoline for the girls, so they have been having a lot of fun with that.  So far no major injuries.  We'll see if we make it through the summer.  Later.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's day 2011

It is Mother's day tomorrow, and the girls are pretty excited.  I'm not sure how many times today Julie was asked if she is excited for her big day tomorrow.  They've been crafting like crazy over the past several days - school, daycare, home.  Today Jorja and I stopped on the way home from piano lessons and bought Julie some flowers.  It was all Jorja's idea.  So she said anyway.  All right, she did come up with the idea, but I was going to get some anyway.   

I'm sure I made the same kinds of things when I was a kid, and I'm sure my Mom oooed and ahhhed over them as well the way only a Mom can.  I don't really remember any in particular, but there is one Mother's day that I do remember.  It had more to do with me than my Mom though.  I'm not exactly sure how old I was - old enough to know that boys don't wear flowers anyway.  And young enough that I didn't know boys do wear flowers.  Somewhere in those awkward middle years when small town farm kids knew enough that wearing flowers didn't necessarily make you gay, but it didn't help.  It must have been the early eighties, because I wasn't wearing pink yet.  Where am I going with all this flower talk?  The junior choir at church was singing a song that said, "We wear this lovely flower today for Mother."  Needless to say the choir director wanted everyone to wear a flower.  I was some upset.  I was not going to wear a flower on my shirt for anything.  Eventually, after many tears, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, Mom found me the tiniest little rose bud from some silk flowers she had in her craft room.  I'm talking tiny...from a distance you probably thought I dripped some ketchup on my shirt.  I showed up Sunday morning feeling like the whole world was looking at me.  Truth is they were probably squinting to see what was on my shirt.  I must say that once I saw everyone else, I felt kind of silly.  There were some flowers that would have rivalled Colin and Justin.  I'm sure Mom was smirking on the inside, but she never said anything.  There were no 'I told you so's', only a tongue bitten with a mother's love. 

Happy Mother's Day Julie.  You are a great Mom, and I'm proud to be your husband.

Happy Mother's Day Mom.  You are a great Mom and I'm proud to be your son.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding coverage

Just when you thought the royal wedding coverage was done...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bend it like Beckham?

Tonight was Jorja's first soccer game of the year.  I must say, I am still in a bit of shock.  The progress she has made over the past two years is quite amazing.  The first year she was more worried about picking dandelions and chasing butterflies.  The second year she would run after the ball but veer away if contact with it might be made.  Today, she was right in there.  She actually scored a goal, which she was very proud of.  (so was I)  She also chased down a member of the opposition who was on a breakaway and stripped the ball from him.  Who is this kid, and what did she do with Jorja? 

There was a bit of drama before we left though.  The game didn't start until 7:00, so Julie stayed home with the other two girls, while I took Jorja.  Ginny does not like being left behind.  We left to her tearful cries as the door, "I'm going to miss you so much Jorja."  If only she would remember that tomorrow when Jorja ticks her off and she hits her.  Later.