Friday, May 13, 2011

CeCe's music tastes

Jorja and Ginny were colouring this morning, so I was entertaining CeCe.  She was sitting on my lap and we were at the computer listening to music.  She really likes music - I was amazed at how long she sat there on my lap.  She would get antsy when I played something she didn't like (not a big Katrina and the Waves fan - who doesn't like Walkin' on Sunshine?) and then sit back and relax if she liked it (she likes Johnny Cash).  When she really liked a song, she would sit up and dance (Fleetwood Mac) and there was one song she really liked.  When it started playing, she stopped, looked at me and gave this little giggle and then started dancing.  It was the same little giggle that she has when she eats something that she really likes (ice cream for example).  The song she liked the most was Johnny Horton's Battle of New Orleans.  My Dad would be so proud.  Later. 

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