Saturday, May 28, 2011

Phone calls

I worked the evening shift at work this past week, so I wasn't there when the kids went to bed.  Every night before they go to bed, they phone me to say goodnight though.  It is definitely the highlight of the night.  I'm not sure what Jorja will be like as a teenager because she would talk on the phone forever already. 

The first evening they called, we were talking and Jorja asked where I was.  I replied that I was in the lab.  "Does everyone have a lab?" she asked.  "Nope, just me,"  I said.  "Wow, you are one lucky boy!" came her response.  It is pretty exciting I guess.

Another night we were talking and she said, "Okay Dad, are you ready?  It's going to get a little bit jiggly now."  I asked what was going to get jiggly.  "The phone Dad,  I'm going upstairs now, so it's going to get jiggly."  She walked up the stairs, and then asked, "Was that jiggly?"  No, not really I said.  "Yes it must have been.  At least a little bit by your mouth."  It's tough to argue with that. 

Today is the final music/piano lesson for the girls.  That means tomorrow afternoon are the recitals.  Which also means sitting through a couple of hours for a couple minutes of pride.  Should be fun.  Later.

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