Monday, September 15, 2014

A leisurely stroll and seven minutes of agony

I went out to the park with the girls yesterday and took my camera along.  Then they decided to show me how they jump off of the playground equipment.  The places they jump from are above their heads.  Crazy.  If I were to attempt that, I think I would need a week's recovery time.  Here's Jorja:

And Ginny:

Then I thought we should go for a walk.  There's a ball diamond behind the playground and on the other side of that, there is some construction going on.  It will eventually be a lake/retention pond.  I wanted the girls to pose beside a tree.  Ginny was pokey getting over there so I snapped a shot of the other two girls first.  This ticked her off and then she pouted for the picture.  Maybe it's not that appropriate, but I think this picture is hilarious:

Next it was imitate the sign:

Jorja wanted her own picture on the rocks back at our house, but Ginny wasn't cooperating.  You can just see Jorja's disapproval in this shot.  Talk to the hand:

'Finally, the little brat got out of my shot.  Now smile sweetly.'

CeCe always poses sweetly:

And then there's Ginny:

On a totally different note, Jorja decided that she is going to join the cross country team at school this year and they have been practicing at lunch hours.  Her asthma has been pretty good the past year, but she's never really challenged herself like this before, so we made her take her 'blue puffer' along.  She used it after the first couple of runs because her chest felt really tight.  I told her I would train with her at home too - I am a little concerned about her getting up to the 2K race distance.

So after our Sunday afternoon walk, we went out to the park to run.  I asked her how long we should run for.  She figured 15 minutes sounded good.  (I think their practice times are 20 minutes.)  I said ok and set a timer on my phone.  We stretched and then we were off.  I started jogging and she tore off in front of me.  She turned around and laughed at me and said, 'Dad, you at least have to start running.'  I told her that she had to pace herself and she shouldn't just give 'er off the line like that.  She said okay and we settled in for a jog.  We went around to the far side of the ball diamond and then she asked how long that had been.  I pulled my phone out of my pocket.  Three minutes.  We were both breathing pretty heavy already.  We pressed on.  There are a few small, rolling hills in the park, so we ran a couple laps over them.  Five minutes.  We...pressed...on.  A couple more hills and we stopped to check the time again.  Seven minutes.  We were both really sucking wind at this point.  'That's pretty good for today,' Jorja said.  I couldn't have agreed more.  We walked home and she said her chest felt pretty tight.  My chest felt really tight!  I told her that maybe that tight feeling wasn't asthma, it was just getting her lungs used to some more exercise.  She said maybe, but she liked the way her blue puffer felt.  It appears we have a ventolin junky on our hands.  Maybe I could use a hoot of that too.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.  It's training day.  Later.

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