Friday, May 31, 2013


Here we are, the last day of May already. It's been a pretty big month for us.

Ginny has now graduated from preschool. She had her final concert/graduation on the 22nd and then still had a few more days of school. I was able to go on her last field trip with her which also happened to be her 'special' day. Special days usually involve some unpleasantries for the parent helper - clean up, craft prep, and bathroom trips. The bathroom trips are my least favorite, but since we were on a field trip, there was none if this!  And there were four other moms there to play the hero should the need arise.
Here's Ginny riding the bus.

And here she is during share time, telling all about her cat, shadow.

At the end of the day, the teacher explained there were only two more days left. One little boy must be sick if school already. He let out a big 'cha-ching!'  Not quite the same reaction as Ginny, who had been crying off and on the past couple if weeks because she doesn't want preschool to end.

More big news from May - CeCe has finally started potty training. She wears panties every day now and only switches to diapers for sleeping. We have even managed a trip out for lunch, going to superstore and going to Sunday school. We have returned home from all our outings unscathed, which is good. There is still the occasional accident at home, and we haven't managed to poop in the toilet yet, but the end is in sight. After almost 8 years of continuous diapers in this house, be end is in sight. It's hard to believe.

If our cat, Layla, doesn't get lost this summer, it will be a miracle. She sprints out the door when there is the slightest crack, and she ventures further away every time and does not want to be caught. With three kids going in and out and not always shutting the door, you can only imagine. Jorja (bless her tender heart) goes unto near hysterics when Layla gets out. It's not pretty. There's shrieking and wailing and running and sobbing. On Sunday afternoon, I was on the phone, talking to my mom. CeCe had gone outside to jump on the trampoline. Jorja and Ginny were already outside. Two minutes after going out, CeCe came back in because she had an accident. So as I was standing there in the entrance, tying to hold the phone between my shoulder and my ear and change CeCe's pants and underwear, Jorja came in and let the cat. I only had CeCe undressed at this point. Jorja went into the ugly cry 'Layla's out! Layla's out' and we took off after her. Jorja in the lead shrieking, CeCe's bare butt next, and me in the rear, trying to put clothes on CeCe and still talk on the phone. Jorja yelled, 'Leave CeCe dad, Layla's more important!'  Finally I said, 'I'm going to  have to call you back mom.'  In the meantime, Layla had found a crack in the fence and was under the cedars in the front yard. After luring with a cat treat, we finally captures the rogue animal and got her back in the house. At this point I realized CeCe was now in the front yard and still half naked. We got that taken care of too and have now had strict conversations about watching the door when coming and going. Later.