Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Spies like us and word combinations

Perhaps the first rule of spying should be to not leave your spying rules laying around.  Or maybe 'the first rule of spy club is don't talk about spy club.'  

While putting something away in Ginny's room the other day, I stumbled upon her note pad.  I probably wouldn't have payed it much attention, but the top line caught my attention.  It said 'don't talk to our family.'  This piqued my curiosity enough to look a little closer.  I flipped  back one page and then it all made sense.  Ginny and CeCe like to play a spy game where they sneak around the house totally undetected and spy on people.  I use the term 'totally undetected' fairly loosely.  So here are the 10 rules for spying.  (ignore some of the phonetic spelling): 

(I'm also not sure what 'follow the blue light' refers to.)

I while back I talked about combining words to form new words, specifically coughing and farting to make foughing.  Well, this practice is kind of catching on in the house.  The other day Ginny came into the kitchen and said she was farting as she walked.  She was giggling pretty good too.  Then she paused for a minute and said, 'I was falking!'  After I suppressed my initial look of shock and awe, I told her we probably shouldn't say that one.  Perhaps warting would be better.  She preferred falking.  I thought it best to not push the point too much or she would really dig in her heels and we'd all be falked.

This practice of combining words has also spilled over to other children in the house.  We were in a store the other day looking at some toques, scarves and mittens and they had some that were combinations.  Scarves with little mitt pockets at the end became scittens.  They also had toques that had mitts attached.  Jorja declared that these were tittens.  Again, perhaps not the best way to combine those two words.  Oh well, what's a person to do?  If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  Grab your tittens, we're going falking.  Later.

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