Saturday, October 29, 2011


There's one thing about Jorja - she's very good at sharing.  She likes to keep everything equal and usually won't have something if her sisters can't have it too.  If she gets treats at school or birthday parties, she will save them till she gets home so she can share.  She used to only share with Ginny, but now everyone's piece of the pie (or sucker) is getting smaller.  CeCe is not a fan of being left out.  So after Jorja went to a birthday party a while back and came home with a giant sucker, she insisted on sharing it with both her sisters.  It's a good thing they all had colds already, because I think there was a lot of spit being shared there too. 

After Jorja lost her first top font tooth, you could tell the other one wasn't far behind.  By the time it finally came out, it was just kind of hanging there all crooked.  She could push it out over her bottom lip and do a pretty good Nanny McPhee impression.  If you haven't seen the movie, you should google it and you will know what I am talking about.  She had kind of a snaggle tooth herself to say the least.  But they're both out now, so that's good.  I guess I never really thought about what it would be like without those two teeth, but they play a BIG part in one's speech.  The tooth was barely out and Jorja said something and Julie and looked at each other with shocked/amused looks on our faces.  She had a bit of a lisp.  It was kind of cute really.  It's been a few days now and she still has to work at saying her 's' and 'th' sounds quite a bit.
CeCe is starting to exert more and more independence these days.  She likes to eat by herself, but naturally there are still some things that pose a bit of trouble.  I am usually the one that feeds her.  The other day, we started supper before Julie was home from work.  I was trying to feed CeCe and she wasn't having any part of it.  Jorja offered to try, so she came over and everything went in no problem.  A few days earlier it had been the same scenario, except Julie had taken over.  Ginny had some reassuring words for me though, bless her little soul.  She said, "I guess she just doesn't like you as much as Jorja and Mommy."  Yes, heartwarming indeed.  Later.
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Friday, October 28, 2011


Here's a few shots of the girls at Petland the other day.  CeCe loved the fish.


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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fart soup

Jorja had a birthday party to go to yesterday after school.  It started at 4:00, and since Julie works till 5:00, that left me and the little two to drop her off.  Ginny always looks so deflated when Jorja gets to do these kinds of things by herself, so I asked her what we should do.  We decided that we would go to Petland and then to McDonald's.  CeCe was really into the pet store this time.  She went right up to the giant parrot's cage, and was about to put her little fingers into the great beast's beak.  Luckily I swooped her up just in time.  Then we went to the budgies.  It was a little safer there.  I think the biggest hit was the fish though.  There was one tank that had a goldfish almost the size of CeCe's head low enough that she could look right in.  She was pretty fascinated.  I'm not sure if that store was closing out or what though, because there were no cats or dogs.  Ginny's favourites are the kitties.  CeCe didn't seem to care - she pointed to mice, guinea pigs and hamsters and called them all puppies.  We then picked up some McD's and headed home.  What Ginny really wanted was ice cream, so she and CeCe shared a strawberry sundae.  She thought that was pretty special.  Then Julie came home and we went to get Jorja.

Since Julie hadn't eaten yet, we stopped at Tim's on the way home and she picked up a bowl of cream of broccoli soup.  Now I know cooked broccoli has a distinctive smell, but I don't think I've ever heard it described like Jorja did.  "What's that smell?"  It's Mom's soup.  "It stinks!  It smells like fart.  It smells like your fart.  Yeah, it smells like grown-up fart!"

Before bed last night, Jorja lost one of her front teeth.  I don't think the other one is far behind either.  Julie and I were tired and ended up going to bed without the tooth fairy coming.  Not good.  Ginny woke up to pee around 1:00 and then I realized it.  I knew she would be devastated if there was no tooth fairy, so there I was at 1:00 in the morning, playing the part of the tooth fairy.  It wouldn't be that bad, but a friend of Julie's gave her an idea for the tooth fairy that we have been following.  Jorja puts the tooth in a dish of water on her dresser and writes a note.  The tooth fairy then leaves some sort of 'clue' in the water as to what sort of tooth fairy it was.  The first one that came I don't remember now, but the second was was a Canada Day tooth fairy.  It left little maple leave sequins in the water.  (She lost the tooth on July 1).  So not only did I have to find some change, I also had to think up what kind of fairy this was.  I decided on a fall tooth fairy and went outside to find some small leaves.  I had to go out to the car to find some change anyway.  Then I had to write a note to answer her note.  Needless to say I was up for about half an hour.  It was all worth it this morning though when she read the note from the tooth fairy.  The things we do for kids...

CeCe has now decided that if she can't see me, then I don't really exist.  Whenever I ask her to do something (usually come for a diaper change or get ready for a tub) she will run to the other side of the room and hide her face against the wall.  It's really quite cute.  A couple of days ago she ran away and then walked back past me, looking away the whole time.  Too funny.  Maybe if I don't look at the leaves outside, they don't really exist either.  Later.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My little teacher

I decided this weekend to get back up on the horse and take Ginny to piano lessons.  It was the last trip to piano lessons that I had the infamous fender-bender.  As we were pulling out of the garage, I said to her that I would try not to have an accident this time.  She replied, "Yeah, you don't want to bump another car like last time!"  Thanks for the vote of confidence Ginny.

While we were at the lesson, there is one point where the kids get to play the sticks.  The idea is that they only play when the music plays and then stop when the music stops.  They are getting better, but before the song starts and the teacher has them all quiet, it usually gets a bit noisy.  This week was no exception.  Well, except for Ginny who was sitting there quietly.  Then she chimed in,"Why do I hear tapping?!"  I guess there's a bit of a teacher in there somewhere.  Oh well, I got a few smirks from some of the other parents.

We were driving home and Ginny commented on the fact that she was wearing her monkey shirt.  Now she was in the backseat with her coat zipped up, so I couldn't see the shirt at the time.  I was trying to remember what it said, so I asked her if it said funny monkey dance or funky monkey dance.  She said that she wasn't sure and then she said, "We'll have to ask Jorja when we get home."  Yeah, because she is the only one who can read in the house.  Later.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The right choice?

It appears my back seat drivers are only concerned about me bumping into other cars when they are not in a hurry.  Last Friday, the younger two girls and I picked Jorja up from school and then I was taking them for haircuts.  (It's school pictures this week and now that they decided they want bangs, they need haircuts more than once a year.)  Anyway, traffic was fairly heavy, but we had plenty of time to get downtown.  We were stopped at a red light, and when it turned green, it took a while before we could go.  Finally Jorja piped up, "Dad, the light is green."  To which I replied, "I know that the light is green, but the car in front of us hasn't gone yet.  Would you like me to bump into it?"  That quietened down the peanut gallery for a little while.

The other night at supper, the topic of marriage came up.  Ginny looked at Julie and said, "Did you make the right choice?"  Julie was a bit taken aback (so was I for that matter).  "What do you mean, did I make the right choice picking Daddy?"  Ginny nodded.  Julie replied, "I think I made the right choice, do you think I made the right choice?"  Ginny looked at her for a moment and said, "I don't know."  What do you mean you don't know??!  Thanks for the vote of confidence Ginny.  Later.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thanks for the tip

On the weekend, I was taking Ginny to her music class, so it was just the two of us in the car.  We weren't very far from home yet when I rear-ended someone.  It was just a little tap and we couldn't see anything wrong with their vehicle, but there was some damage to our front bumper.  It doesn't take much to crack something on a new vehicle.  Everything was still drivable, so we ventured on to the lesson.  When I got back into the car, Ginny said to me, "Daddy, why did you bump that car?"  I said it was an accident.  She said, "You're not supposed to bump into other cars."  Yeah, thanks for the tip.

When we were driving home after the lesson, Ginny piped up that she was going to tell Mommy and Jorja that I bumped a car.  It's good to know she's got my back.  Anyway, Julie was fine, but Jorja gave me this chastising look, shook her little finger at me and said, "You're NOT supposed to do that."  Again, thanks for the tip.

Now you should see the two little backseat drivers I have.  As soon as I get close to another car, they both chime in, "Don't bump into that car."  Once again, thanks for the tip ladies.  It'll be a while before I live this one down.  Later.