Monday, July 7, 2014

Highlights of our first week in Lloyd...Nuts!

We've been in Lloydminster for just over a week now.  There are still quite a few boxes to unpack, but we are slowly getting there.  The girls are adjusting and making new friends in the park behind our house.  There is also an eight year old girl next door that the girls have been spending quite a bit of time with.  They were actually over in her backyard within an hour of us being in the city.  Jorja is finding it the toughest with missing her friends back in Saskatoon.  But we'll be ok.  We have managed to have some fun too.  Here are some of our highlights from the first week:

The girls enjoying their first breakfast on the island in the kitchen.

Canada Day fun at Bud Miller Park.

CeCe having a snack.

Out cruising in our new convertible getting ice cream.

Looking like tourists at the border.

I finally got around to setting up the trampoline a couple of days ago.  Naturally, I had three helpers for that.  They like to turn the wrench when they can.  Most of the screws just thread into the frame, except for the net that goes around it.  Each pole for it has two bolts with nuts that thread on.  As I was attaching the first pole, my helper was Ginny.  I held the pole upright in position and threaded the bolt through.  I then asked her to put the nut on the other side.  "What nut dad?  I don't see any nuts."  I said, "They were right there in the grass a minute ago.  Did you move them?"  She replied, "I didn't take the nuts.  I didn't see the nuts.  JORJA!  CECE!  Have you seen Dad's nuts?!"  Jorja replied, "You lost your nuts Dad?  Don't you have any more?"  I said that I didn't have any more.  Each pole needed two and they were all there when we started.  "You only have two nuts?  No extra?"  This was getting more and more awkward by the moment.  At least no one else was outside, because it was not a quiet conversation.  I asked CeCe if she had taken the nuts.  She had been collecting rocks and putting them in a hole.  I described them as small, silver and shiny.  "Did you take any shiny things?"  She said yes and went over to her hidey-hole and proudly brought back a shiny rock.  Why not?  In the end, we did find my missing nut and all nuts were accounted for.  If only they knew...Later.

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