Monday, July 21, 2014

Goodie Rings

After supper this evening, CeCe felt that she needed dessert.  She wanted ice cream, but we didn't have much and I just picked up an ice cream cake for Jorja's birthday tomorrow, so I went and looked in the cupboard.  I found a box of Goodie Rings that the girls had twisted my arm into buying the last time we were shopping.  Okay, maybe they didn't have to twist too hard.

I've always loved Goodie Rings.  I remember getting them for a treat as a kid.  The packaging was cool then - white cardboard folded up like an accordion so that no two cookies touched each other.  Once a row of cookies was gone, I would take the cardboard and use it to make little garages and tunnels for my matchbox cars.  Good times.  Over the years, the packaging has changed.  It came in plastic trays for the longest time, still in a bag that you could close up.  The cookies all touched each other though.  Recently, I've been seeing a new box in the stores.  It looks tiny, so I've been avoiding it.  I finally broke down once before today and bought it.  I thought maybe the packaging inside was somehow deceptively hiding more cookies than what seemed possible.  I thought wrong.  I opened it up and there were two rows in there.  Two!?  18 cookies in total!  What is that about?  The price didn't change.  I'm pretty sure I still paid $4 for that first box.  The only reason I bought them again was because they were on for $1.97.

Back to this evening.  CeCe was the first done her meal, so I gave her two cookies.  Julie and I each had a couple (who's counting but maybe my couple was four).  CeCe wanted another, so I gave her a third.  I looked in the box and there were six left.  The older two girls were farting around taking forever to finish their supper.  Julie, CeCe and I were all long finished and cleaned up.  I had had enough.  I gave them five minutes to finish what was on their plates and then I said I was eating one cookie every minute after that.  They thought I was kidding, but I assured them that I was not.  Unfortunately, my threat worked and they were done with time to spare.

So now we're out of Goodie Rings after one meal and I didn't get any extra (well maybe I did, but I'm not counting that closely).  Later.

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