Sunday, July 27, 2014

One month

Exactly one month ago, we woke up in our new house in our new city for the first time. It still seems a bit surreal. Sometimes it feels like yesterday, sometimes it feels like longer. 

We are mostly unpacked now and settled in. We've had company from India and from town here. Tomorrow, we will have our first overnight guest (from BC). Jorja had a birthday and turned 9. We found a preschool for CeCe, got her registered and met the teacher. We found a piano teacher for the girls. Our next door neighbor came over with a warm pan of brownies one day (they were so good). This morning God solidified our feeling of what we were thinking would be our new church home. We discovered that the Pizza Hut here still has a sit down restaurant and a lunch buffet. Hello 1995!  We've got some pictures up but still need to paint. When you work in health care like Julie does, you have too many things to compare color to. Our walls are bile. All in all it's been a good month. A lot has happened once you sit down and think about it. 

Here are some pics of our first month I haven't already posted. 

My two corn shuckers:

Dropping Julie off for her first day of work:

The girls testing out Julie's new 'nest' chair:

My own minion army:

With the help of YouTube I can braid:

Art time:

Being this close to Alberta, I thought I should become a cowboy:

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