Thursday, July 31, 2014

Beatles, Buggles and a little love

The girls and I were heading out to buy a few groceries this morning.  I'm not exactly sure how the topic came up - some sort of fight or disagreement - but Ginny said, 'all you need is love.'  

That's when I broke into song, singing the Beatles.  I asked the girls if they new the song, and Jorja said yes and asked excitedly if it was by Rixton (a fairly new group that we first heard on the TV show 'The Voice').  Their song says, 'all I need is a little love in my life.'  I said no, that was not the song I was talking about.  My song was by the Beatles.  Jorja immediately piped up, 'I don't like eighties music.'  I said that the Beatles weren't from the eighties, but from the sixties.  Jorja then replied, 'But they sing Video Killed the Radio Star.'  Close, but not quite.  I told her that the Buggles sang that song, not the Beatles.  She said, 'the Beagles?'  No, the Beatles, like the bug.  'Oh, I think the Beagles would have been a better name.'  This was getting more confusing by the minute.  Jorja then said that some of the Buggles were dead and one was shot.  This was news to me, so I asked her how she knew this.  A friend of her's had told her.  Then I realized she was now talking about the Beatles.  Sheesh, did I mention confusing yet?  I'm guessing that this was probably the first time the Buggles were mistaken for the Beetles.  

I suggested a music lesson when we got home, to which Jorja replied, 'I don't want to listen to a music lesson.'  And she put air quotes around music lesson.  I'm losing her.  She's heading into the great abyss of tween music and I only hope she remembers some of her upbringing on the other side.  I know my dad cringed at my music, but I grew up to appreciate Johnny Cash and Johnny Horton.  Let's hope Jorja does too.  Later.


  1. One Direction just did Teenage Dirtbag. Twilight used Debussy. Let's hope more of these groups make some really fabulous music popular with this generation!