Sunday, October 16, 2011

My little teacher

I decided this weekend to get back up on the horse and take Ginny to piano lessons.  It was the last trip to piano lessons that I had the infamous fender-bender.  As we were pulling out of the garage, I said to her that I would try not to have an accident this time.  She replied, "Yeah, you don't want to bump another car like last time!"  Thanks for the vote of confidence Ginny.

While we were at the lesson, there is one point where the kids get to play the sticks.  The idea is that they only play when the music plays and then stop when the music stops.  They are getting better, but before the song starts and the teacher has them all quiet, it usually gets a bit noisy.  This week was no exception.  Well, except for Ginny who was sitting there quietly.  Then she chimed in,"Why do I hear tapping?!"  I guess there's a bit of a teacher in there somewhere.  Oh well, I got a few smirks from some of the other parents.

We were driving home and Ginny commented on the fact that she was wearing her monkey shirt.  Now she was in the backseat with her coat zipped up, so I couldn't see the shirt at the time.  I was trying to remember what it said, so I asked her if it said funny monkey dance or funky monkey dance.  She said that she wasn't sure and then she said, "We'll have to ask Jorja when we get home."  Yeah, because she is the only one who can read in the house.  Later.

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