Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The wrong way

Mother's Day came, and Julie was blessed with all sorts of crafts.  I can hardly wait until my turn.  We went out to the Berry Barn for lunch, which was nice, except that it was so busy they were running half an hour behind.  Our reservation was for 12:30 and we didn't get seated until after 1:00.  Despite that, the girls did remarkably well.  Even the waitress commented on how well behaved they were.  At one point I had quietly said to Julie that we won't go there again on Mother's day, it's just too crazy.  So as we're getting ready to go, Jorja says in a rather loud voice, "Yeah, we definitely won't come here next year."  That kid does not miss anything.  When we got home, she asked where I wanted to go for Father's day.  I said that wherever they wanted to take me was good.  "All right, we'll go to McDonald's," She said.  Lucky me.

Last night Jorja had her second soccer game.  It was earlier than the first, so I took Ginny along with me to watch.  Boy, it still gets cold in the evening.  I could have had a touque on and been quite comfortable.  Jorja didn't have quite as good a game as the first time.  She still did good, and had fun, but there was just one little incident.  She got the ball away from a boy on the other team and then started to run with it.  "Turn around Jorja," I was yelling from the sideline.  I guess the heat of the moment and all that open field in front of her was just too much.  She ran.  And ran.  And kicked the ball right into her own net.  Oops.  Later I asked her if she got a goal (I wasn't sure how she perceived things) and she said no, so maybe next week we'll go the right way.  It was pretty cute though.

We got a trampoline for the girls, so they have been having a lot of fun with that.  So far no major injuries.  We'll see if we make it through the summer.  Later.

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