Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's day 2011

It is Mother's day tomorrow, and the girls are pretty excited.  I'm not sure how many times today Julie was asked if she is excited for her big day tomorrow.  They've been crafting like crazy over the past several days - school, daycare, home.  Today Jorja and I stopped on the way home from piano lessons and bought Julie some flowers.  It was all Jorja's idea.  So she said anyway.  All right, she did come up with the idea, but I was going to get some anyway.   

I'm sure I made the same kinds of things when I was a kid, and I'm sure my Mom oooed and ahhhed over them as well the way only a Mom can.  I don't really remember any in particular, but there is one Mother's day that I do remember.  It had more to do with me than my Mom though.  I'm not exactly sure how old I was - old enough to know that boys don't wear flowers anyway.  And young enough that I didn't know boys do wear flowers.  Somewhere in those awkward middle years when small town farm kids knew enough that wearing flowers didn't necessarily make you gay, but it didn't help.  It must have been the early eighties, because I wasn't wearing pink yet.  Where am I going with all this flower talk?  The junior choir at church was singing a song that said, "We wear this lovely flower today for Mother."  Needless to say the choir director wanted everyone to wear a flower.  I was some upset.  I was not going to wear a flower on my shirt for anything.  Eventually, after many tears, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, Mom found me the tiniest little rose bud from some silk flowers she had in her craft room.  I'm talking tiny...from a distance you probably thought I dripped some ketchup on my shirt.  I showed up Sunday morning feeling like the whole world was looking at me.  Truth is they were probably squinting to see what was on my shirt.  I must say that once I saw everyone else, I felt kind of silly.  There were some flowers that would have rivalled Colin and Justin.  I'm sure Mom was smirking on the inside, but she never said anything.  There were no 'I told you so's', only a tongue bitten with a mother's love. 

Happy Mother's Day Julie.  You are a great Mom, and I'm proud to be your husband.

Happy Mother's Day Mom.  You are a great Mom and I'm proud to be your son.


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