Sunday, May 15, 2011


Last night I was tucking the girls into bed when Jorja stopped me on my way out of the room, and said, "Dad, can you do me a favour?"  Maybe, I's never safe to say yes to that question until you know what the request is.  "Can you check the weather on the computer tonight so I know if I can wear a tank top dress tomorrow?"  Yes, my little fashionista, I can check.

Today Jorja was talking about what she is going to name her children when she has them.  She and Ginny have been on a child kick this weekend - lots of talk of babies in their tummies and such.  Apparently when they are 20, they will really have babies in their tummies.  Not if I have anything to say about that.  Anyway, the children are going to be Alison, Lily and Daisy.  I asked her what if she had a boy, what would his name be?  Maybe David I suggested.  Hint, hint.  "I think I'll call him Eddie."  Eddie, who is Eddie?!  "Like the Little People, Eddie."  It's good to see that Fisher Price Little People rate more than me.  Oh well.  Later.

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