Thursday, June 2, 2011

Uncle Jon

I just got back from Superstore because we were getting dangerously low on diapers and wipes.  And they were on sale this week, and the new flyer starts tomorrow, so I thought I might as well get it done now.  And it's always nice to go by yourself when the kids are in bed.  Why is it that 136 Teddy's Choice (the Superstore brand) diapers for CeCe cost the same as 33 Pampers brand princess pull-ups for Ginny.  Granted Ginny only wears one a day for nighttime, but still.  Crazy.  Speaking of crazy, does anyone else find it funny that in the middle of the diaper aisle there is a rack of condoms?  I think if you're in that aisle, it's a little late for that.

Jorja came home from school yesterday with her monthly newsletter telling us what's happening.  There are only three weeks left of school!  June 24 she gets her report card and is done Kindergarten.  Where did that year go?  I am kind of excited because I'm going to go along on the class field trip next week to a farm.  Jorja said she is going to milk a goat.  That I would like to see.  I've milked a few goats in my day - I probably remember how.  Should be fun.

Jorja came home today and told us that she has a new love.  Yes, that is correct.  Apparently the boy from daycare is "the love of my life" (said looking over her shoulder and batting her eyelashes).  Sheesh.  I guess they're going to get married when they're older.  After Jorja said this, Ginny asked, "Is Uncle Jon married?"  We replied that yes, he was indeed married.  She looked a little sad.  "Would you have liked to have married Uncle Jon if her was available?" I asked.  She nodded.  I'm not sure which girl I should be more concerned about.

I've been trying to upload a video from the girls' piano recital last Sunday for the past three evenings, but it's not working.  Both girls did great and we were really proud.  It was a long afternoon though, especially for CeCe, but me made it and it was worth it.  Later.

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