Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The real reasons to play soccer

Last night, Ginny and I took Jorja to her soccer game.  Sometimes I think her favourite thing about playing soccer is the Tim Horton's water bottle they get.  It's actually Ginny's favourite thing too, and she quite frequently helps herself to it when Jorja is on the field.  (Shh, don't tell)  I honestly don't know why that water tastes so good.  I also don't know why it took me two and a half seasons (and a lot of nighttime bathroom trips) to realize that I don't need to fill it up.  The nights after the past two games have been much better - half a water bottle divided by two girls makes for some much less full bladders.

Jorja's second favourite thing to do at soccer is play with Ginny while she's not on the field.  I usually have to find her and yell at her when her time comes to get back onto the field.  They play tag, hide-and-go seek (behind the two scrawny trees in the park) and last night they started wrestling.  I'm not sure where they picked that up, but they were rolling around having a grand old time.  Jorja's team was short of players yesterday, so there was increased playing time.  This cut into the real fun, so much so that I heard her volunteering to take a break on a couple of occasions.

I thought this year we had finally passed the dandelion fascination while playing, but I was wrong.  I guess the whole field of dandelions gone to seed was too much to take.  She did have to stop a couple of times to pick dandelions and blow the seeds off. 

All that being said, she did score another goal yesterday.  For the brief moments when she does focus on the game, she's actually not bad.  Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way trying to disillusion myself with the athletic prowess of my daughter.  That's just not where her interests lie, but if we can get her away from her drawing/colouring table long enough to have a little outdoor fun, I'll be happy.  Later.

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