Friday, June 10, 2011

Trip to the farm

Today was Jorja's Kindergarten class trip to a farm.  I was lucky enough to be able to go along for the experience.  It all started with a bus filled with excited 5 year olds riding out to the farm.  Thankfully Jorja wanted to sit close to the front.  Back when I was young and cool, it always had to be the back of the bus.  Now that I am old and more concerned with not throwing up than being cool, the front is fine. 

There was a brief time to play in the playground area before it was off to the barns.  As luck would have it, I was put on goat duty.  That meant I was in the pen with the goats supervising the kids as they came in and out.  They got to pet the goats or brush them if they wanted.  One over-zealous young goat started chewing/sucking on Jorja's pant leg about two seconds after she came in the pen.  She started to cry, the poor little city girl.  I removed the goat, calmed her down, and to her credit, she still did everything else.  She brushed a cow and some lambs, went in a pen with a pig (apparently it feels 'scratchy' - not soft like the bunnies), and even milked a goat.  When I say milked, I mean each kid put their hand in there and Farmer Kathy basically did the work.  They each got one squirt into a little cup.

After the barn, they played in some straw bales, which Jorja enjoyed, but judging by the hand reaching into her pants, also got a bit itchy.  Then it was time to wash up and have a snack.  That was followed by some more playground time and then the bus ride home.  The bus was just pulling into the yard when one little girl said she had to go to the bathroom.  The parent who was going to take her then said, "Does anyone else have to go?"  Has she never done this before?  Did she never help in preschool?  That is not the thing you want to ask a bunch of little girls.  When they hear one is going, some sort of weird pandemic sweeps through their midst.  Needless to say, she had about twelve kids accompany her to the outhouse.  Eventually the bus did get loaded and we made it home.  Here are some pictures of the day...    

Brushing the lambs

Her one pull on the teat

How to get straw down your pants

Apparently her favourite part of the day?!  Did I mention city kid?

Just a chicken that was hanging out at head level - not a fan of that. 

Cautiously back in the goat pen after being attacked.
On the bus going home.

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