Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fragile skin, Pez, marriage and snow

Our conversation over lunch the other day somehow turned to the Wiggles. It must have been on at daycare, because we never watch it at home. Ginny informed us that, "Anthony from the wiggles is 70. He doesn't even look old. He only has a couple white hairs and his skin doesn't look fragile." (If you're reading this Dad, I didn't ask her about your skin.) 

A friend gave me some Pez candy and three Star Wars Pez dispensers to help me through my recovery. The kids haven't had Pez that they can remember, so they were enjoying sharing my treat with me. CeCe had one and stated, "Pez are crunchy. Like carrots."  Yeah, that's exactly what comes to my mind. 

Cece has decided that she wants to marry me. After a lengthy conversation explaining that this wasn't going to happen, I told her that some day, she would meet a nice boy and then she could get married to him. She said, "Yeah, when I'm older, I'll marry a nice boy. When I'm five. And I'll be nice to it. Not mean." I was thinking maybe a touch older than that, but at least 'it's' not me. 

There was a slight skiff of snow today. Jorja came home and decided that she was going to shovel for me. (I guess actually for Julie since it can't shovel now.)  She's been a pretty big helper since my surgery. 
That's me looking out through the warm kitchen window at my child labour. Later. 

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