Thursday, January 30, 2014

So long hernia

This has been kind of a slow week for me. Just as in the fact that I'm moving fairly slow. I had surgery last Wednesday (Jan 22) to repair a hernia. I've been living with the hernia for almost a year, so I was ready to see it go. I've never gone under the knife before so I guess I didn't really know what to expect. I'm not sure why I thought there wouldn't be that much pain after or that sitting and standing wouldn't be an issue. Now I know. 

Julie's parents came up for a few days to help out which was a huge blessing. Without them, the kids would not have been able to go to their skating lesson and CeCe would have had to miss her swimming lesson. Now listening to the fallout from that would have been painful. As it was, they got everywhere they needed to go and were picked up from daycare on time. (In Papa's truck no less, which was kind of a big deal.) And we had good meals to eat as well. 

Jorja has taken the whole surgery thing the roughest. She was a mess before it happened worrying about it and for the first few days after as well. As I was tucking her in one night and making her sit up to hug and kiss me because I couldn't bend over that far, she started to cry. I asked her what was wrong. She said, 'you're just not the same anymore.' Poor kid. I tried to explain that I had to do this so that I could be the same person again but I'm not sure she'll really buy it until I start doing a lot better. 

On Sunday the older two girls had their piano recital. We braved the bitter cold and stayed until they were done. (I had had enough sitting by then and it appeared that CeCe did as well.) They both played really well. 

That's what's new around here. Later. 

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