Monday, June 14, 2010

4 month shots

Sitting here this evening, we remembered that we were out of both bread and milk. That could make for a pretty slim breakfast, so I went to Walmart at 10:00. It was kind of nice at that hour with no kids - probably mostly the no kids factor that was the real selling point.

I was reading Jorja a book today about fish. One page had an octopus on it that was swimming away from a shark. She informed me that it was swimming to get away from it's 'creditors'. Aren't we all?

Today was time for CeCe's four month shots. She did pretty good, as good as you can when you're that small and get a needle jabbed into each one of your legs I guess. She weighs just over 15 lbs now, so that's good - 75th percentile I think. The nurse was going over the whole rundown of things with me and we started talking about introducing solid foods. She said that the thinking now is to introduce meat as one of the first things. Meat? Better iron I guess. But really? She suggested that when me have meat, like chicken, say, take a drumstick that you already cooked and boil it in a bit of water. (I didn't have the heart to tell her that all we buy are chicken breasts with no bones.) Then scraped it off the bone, and along with the water you boiled it in, put it in the blender. Doesn't it just sound delicious?

Well, it's time to go feed the little one. Just a bottle. Later.

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