Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My animal

This morning we attempted to go for a bike ride with the whole family. A while back, we had bought an attachment for Julie's bike where Jorja can ride behind her. It has handle bars, pedals, and one wheel, and attaches to the seat post of the big bike. Ginny rides in the seat on the back of my bike, and then I pull CeCe in the chariot. It turned out that there were some kinks to be worked out in the assembly if Jorja's bike attachment (by kinks I mean that after they took one corner, the trailer bike shifted so much that she was leaning something fierce). We were all helmeted up and the other two kids were loaded, so I just took Jorja's trailer off and got out her bike. Well, she's not really up to going anywhere too far too quickly. So Julie went for a ride by herself while I rode with Jorja and then I took the other two girls for a ride while Julie biked close to home with Jorja. CeCe really enjoyed the ride - she fell asleep. I just came in from the garage now, and I believe the kinks have been worked out, so we'll have to see when the sun shines again. Maybe we can make it as far as the park or something.

A few days ago, our super dandelion puller broke. I think maybe it has already done a lifetime worth of work, but we thought we would try taking it back anyway. We no longer had the receipt, but we gave it a whirl. We walked into Canadian Tire, I explained the issue, the clerk said that the Fiskar has a lifetime exchange warranty, so she went and got a new one off the shelf, and we were done. We were so impressed.

This evening Jorja was getting ready for bed, and I was teasing her saying I wanted to sleep with one of her stuffed animals (she has a Care Bear that she got when she was 18 months old and a panda bear she calls Bamboo that she must sleep with every night). I said I really wanted to sleep with Bamboo. She replied, "No Dad, Mommy is your animal." If you only knew Jorja, if you only knew... Later.

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