Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday in the park...

It was originally supposed to be rainy today, but it held off until the late afternoon. I'm not sure what the weather people are doing these days, but the forecast seems to change hourly. One minute the whole week is rainy, the next it's sunny. I give up.

We wanted to get some more flowers put it today, so I took the girls to the park for a bit this morning so Julie could have some uninterrupted gardening time. CeCe had her first swing ride and enjoyed herself. Ginny had her first go on a big swing and had fun. Jorja fell off a swing at preschool once this year, so she is a little spooked. Last summer she loved it, now as soon as she gets a little bit high, she gets scared. It will just take some time I guess - that and the fact that Ginny is doing it now.

After lunch, CeCe was having a nap, and the rest of us were all outside. Ginny is such a handful - she is into everything the minute you turn your back. Julie was planting stuff and I was trying to get the patio cleaned up (washed, hockey net put away) and set the gazebo up. Ginny had a new one today - when she would get yelled at to keep out of something, she would stomp off and say, "I'm gwumpy! Hmmph!" If a person wasn't so irritated with her at the time, it would have been kind of cute.

This evening Jorja was fawning over CeCe and decided that her middle name should have been 'Sweetie Pie.' Then she decided that her middle name should be 'Pretty.' I asked what mine should be, and she replied that it could be whatever I wanted. So I suggested 'The Best Dad Ever.' She said, "No, how about rockstar." Yeah, I guess that will do.

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