Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No socks!

Well, today started off with a bang, quite literally. Breakfast went by with no incident, and when Ginny got dressed, she decided she wanted socks. Shortly thereafter she decided to take them off. I was upstairs at the time, and she had taken them off in the kitchen. She came up the stairs, threw her arms in the air with her socks in her hands and declared, "I don't want socks!" As she did so, she lost her balance, went over backwards, did a backflip, half-twist, face-plant half way down the stairs and landed at the bottom. I saw the whole thing in what seemed like slow motion. I rushed down and grabbed her and then Julie and I started to examine her. Once she calmed down, we saw blood in her mouth, but it wasn't really obvious where it was coming from. Then Julie noticed her front tooth - when she touched it, more blood pooled around the base of it. It was a bit loose. Yikes. So I called the dentist (she's never been before) and they said they could see her as soon as we got there. So we all piled in and headed to the mall (the dentist is in the mall). Ginny wasn't overly cooperative, but the dentist did manage to get a look and a bit of a feel, and thought it should be all right. She said some would pull it if it was loose, but she wouldn't if it was her kid. She thought we should try to save it as long as possible. If there was nerve damage, it may get discoloured, but it should be okay. Just eat fairly soft things for the next two weeks (no apples!). So she has yogurt for lunch, pudding for snack, and we had pasta for supper. However, she was playing outside this afternoon and was supposedly sitting on a lawn chair properly when she came around the corner screaming again. She had somehow tipped the chair over, and there was more blood coming from her tooth. Sheesh. The rest of the day was probably fairly typical for her, but you don't realize just how dangerous she is until you are trying for her not to bump her mouth at all. Stressful.

We're heading south to Julie's parents' place tomorrow, so hopefully everyone travels well. One is teething, one is trying to knock her teeth out, and one is just broken-hearted when her sisters hurt. Are we nuts? Later.

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