Thursday, June 3, 2010

Out for supper

We just got back from some friends' house for supper. We had a great time, good company, and the girls are wasted. Their kids are a little older than ours (youngest is 6), but they always have a blast out there. We made Ginny have a nap this afternoon so that we could make it through. (On a side note, we have gone without naps for probably a week now, and things have been great - she goes to bed no issues, and usually before 7:00) We were upstairs visiting when our friends' six year old son came up with Ginny close on his heels. He went to a closet and proceeded to get out a pair of real scissors. I noticed this, and made his father inquire about the situation. It turns out Ginny had been styling his hair, and apparently it was time to step it up a notch. Close call.

I was another rainy day today, and the forecast has rain each day for the next week. Julie was able to get a bit more planting done yesterday (some annuals in pots), but we still have some more to do. I got the grass mowed too, which is a good thing as well. We took turns holding CeCe and watching the other two while the other one did some work. The girls were putting on performances again at the top of the play centre. Jorja had apparently gotten over her stage fright from the last time she tried, and was belting out the songs. I always wonder what the neighbours must think. She's all right, but I don't think we'll be seeing any footage of her childhood singing when she's the Canadian idol.

I'm not sure what tomorrow will hold. This is the first week without preschool, and it already seems to be tough to keep track of the days. Maybe a trip to the library. Later.

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