Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

It's hard to believe that I've been a father for almost five years now. Time goes by so quickly. I think I'll take a little trip down memory lane...

Picture it...Saskatoon...2005...I was in my second year of the biotechnology course at SIAST when Julie got pregnant with Jorja. We lived in an old character house on Ave. B. She was due in July, and I graduated at the end of May. I wasn't really looking too seriously for a job right away simply because I wanted to take some time off when Jorja was born. That, and I had ripped apart a room in our house to make into our nursery and Julie was beginning to get a bit stressed that it wouldn't be done on time. So I spent the month of June working at Western Grocers by night, and inhaling way too much Circa 1850 paint stripper by day while removing 80 years of paint off of hardwood floors, doors, baseboards and window trim. The finished product was pretty impressive.

Then I saw an ad in the paper for a quality assurance position at The Great Western Brewing Company. I applied, had an interview (mentioned the fact that I wanted to take a week off shortly) and was hired. I started there July 4, and Jorja was born on July 22. Even then, after only a couple weeks of work, Great Western was an incredibly understanding employer. I guess even in the beginning it was beer to babies. Those first day were a definite adjustment, but we got it all figured out (as much as you can with kids, I guess), and the years that have followed have been the most rewarding of my life. We lived in that house for two more years (actually moved on Jorja's second birthday) and then our family expanded on March 7, 2008, when Ginny was born.

She was (and is) probably our biggest challenge as parents. As a baby, she didn't travel well at all (she screamed as soon as she was in the car, and didn't stop till the car did). She was better once her car seat could face forward, but those first months were long. She also cried a lot. Every night we would hold her, pace, bounce, pat her bum, and then as soon as we sat down, the screaming would start again. It was great for the calf muscles. Now she is just our little daredevil. She started walking early, climbing early and has never looked back. She's fearless.

And now our family has expanded for the final (?) time.

On February 7, 2010, CeCe was born. She has been a pretty good baby so far, which is good. I feel incredibly blessed to have three beautiful, healthy little girls.

Looking back on these pictures makes me realize fatherhood has done three things to me:

  1. Made me lose my hair.
  2. Put on some weight.
  3. Get progressively more tired.

Seriously though, I wouldn't trade it for a second. I have a wonderful wife and three amazing kids. I can't wait till they're teenagers. Later.

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