Monday, June 28, 2010


Today we decided to test out the pool. We bought a 12 foot above ground pool at a garage sale earlier this year. It's supposed to be 4 feet deep, but the water is maybe two and a half. It wasn't a super hot day here, but it wasn't bad. The water, however, was cccccccccold (70F). Well, I thought so anyway. Jorja and Julie didn't seem to think it was too bad. Jorja is just like a fish though - she just jumped right in and was splashing around like crazy. She was fearless, kind of like Ginny on land. Ginny was a little more tentative, she didn't like to be let go of, even though her feet could touch the ground and she has a life jacket on. I held CeCe for a while and when she got too cold, I took her out. By that time Ginny's lips were starting to turn blue, so I took her out too. Hopefully with a little more heat, the temperature will rise a few more degrees. Or maybe we'll have to get something better next year with a heater.

We were driving home from church yesterday, and the girls were talking about Sunday school. Ginny then piped up, "I love God and Jesus, they're just lovely." It was pretty cute.

Yesterday afternoon the girls were playing outside. Julie and I had stepped in for a bit, and I went to check on them. We have a gazebo set up on our patio with a three person swing in it. I look out and Ginny is in the gazebo by herself. I'm not sure where Jorja was at the moment. Anyway, I'm watching Ginny and I'm thinking to myself, 'She's not really going to do what I think she's going to do is she? She is. Holy cow, I've got to stop her!' Here she had taken one of their little plastic deck chairs, placed in on the bench seat of the swing, and was attempting to crawl up there and sit in her new captain's chair. Did I mention this is all taking place on concrete? It will be amazing if her baby teeth come out naturally.

Anyhow, time for bed. Later.

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