Thursday, June 24, 2010


It's amazing what a good night's sleep will do. The girls all slept great last night, Jorja got up at 7, Ginny 7:30, and CeCe slept from 11:30 till 8. It was great, and they were all in a much better state of mind today.

We had intended on BBQing this evening, but around 4:30, it started to look pretty ominous out there. It's too bad, because Julie had the beef sliced, skewered and marinating in the fridge (all prepared while I was napping with CeCe - did I mention it was a good day?). Anyway, I decided not to BBQ and it's a good thing - I would have been standing out there in torrential rain, wind and hail. It got pretty nasty - thunder, lightning, power outage. Poor Ginny was pretty spooked by the whole thing. I felt bad for her, but she is so cute when she's all cuddly like that. It doesn't happen very often with her. Jorja was a little freaked out too - she went and got Ginny her blanket and baby, but made sure to bring along her own favourite two stuffed animals as well. So we waited till the storm passed, decided we didn't feel like cooking anymore, and went to McDonald's. Later.

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