Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today, the sun was finally shining, and we took advantage of it. Julie had a physio appointment this morning, so I took the girls outside. It was nice, but it wasn't super nice - jackets were still needed before lunch. They had been so starved for the outdoors that they insisted on having a picnic. I didn't really think it was that nice, but I gave in. I just made buns with some ham and cucumber slices. They were sitting there eating, and Ginny picks this little bit off of her bun and asks Jorja what it is. "Oh that's okay Ginny, that's just bun skin." Who knew? By the time they were done eating, I was holding CeCe because she had woke up and was fussy. They were both sticky and in need of washing, so Jorja decided that they should use their water bottles. They then proceeded to pour their water out onto their hands, and had a blast attempting to wash. I'm not sure they were any cleaner than when they started, but they sure enjoyed themselves.

After lunch we decided that it was time to put in the garden...finally. We started with potatoes. I dug the holes and the girls took turns putting in the potatoes. They were having a lot of fun. After that, we got into some seeds, which were a little harder to control. It could look kind of like a patchwork quilt when things start to come up. Some spots will be fairly heavy, some will be a little sparse, and some will be a little erratic. Every time I looked, Ginny was planting things no where near the row they were supposed to be in. Oh well, some things aren't that big of a deal.

The break in the weather meant that the scheduled soccer game this evening was a go. I think Jorja had more fun in her time off the field than on. She did however kick the ball..."twice, one little one and one big one." She and one other girl were having fun with dandelions for a while. Then she was playing with a boy who was in her preschool class. It's funny because this was the third soccer game and the first time that they really acknowledged that they knew each other. They were making funny faces and having little sword fights with blades of grass. When we were walking back to the car, she said that this boy was there. I replied that I saw him and asked if she had fun playing with him. "Yeah," she said, "we were doing silly things to each other." If I hadn't been sitting right there, I might be a little worried.

The forecast for tomorrow is for more sun. Hopefully it's true. Later

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