Monday, May 31, 2010

Off to see the Wizard...

Psssstttt.....'s me. I know, I know...I haven't had anything to say for quite a while. To be honest, Dave does a really good job of speaking for both of us. Plus, he's far more entertaining than I am! ;P

Today, I was off to see the Wizard, aka, Dr. K, my neurologist. It was time for another check-up. I told him that I was experiencing more numbness back in April, and that it felt as though things were getting worse again. Now, these sensations have seemed to have levelled out, and have backed off a bit. He said that he would still considered this "setback" to have occurred within the postpartum period, but basically, anything that happens now re:numbness, weakness, etc., counts. SO, I still don't know if it was "simple" Guillain-Barre Syndrome (although my case was never simple), or if I'm headed down a chronic path of CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy). I am scheduled for another nerve conduction study next Monday (the electric shock therapy test), and that will be the true definer as to how I'm really coming along.

I have to give Dr. K kudos...I almost NEVER have to wait on him. I was about 20 minutes early for my appointment and got in immediately. He's always very personable, to the point, and never pulls any punches, and if I needed to get in to see him, I would never have a long wait - 2 days at the most!

I'm not sure how I feel about the possibility of this being a chronic condition, but the one thing (of many!) that I've learned is to not put the cart before the horse.

After this, I headed to Shopper's Drug Mart to mail off my first two tu-tu creations! I am so excited about this and am really enjoying making these foofy creations for lucky little girls. I can't believe how expensive it is to ship something. The tutu and packaging weighed .090 kg. It cost me approximately $11 to ship this to Golden Prairie. Say What?!?? But get this! It cost me approximately $9 to ship it to Edmonton, which is further away and in a different province! I asked the post-mistress why the cost was different and she said that it costs more to send things to a rural community. Huh. Who knew?

Next stop was to pick up a triple barrel curling iron that I purchased for super cheap off of Kijiji. I love Kijiji.

Then, home, to rescue Dave from the monsters. We ate lunch, and then, as Dave mentioned, it was off to the Market Mall for some fun and adventure. I needed to stop at Fabricland, so there was lots of warnings and reminders about good behaviour and such. Of course, that lasts for all of 3 minutes, and then the naughtiness and misbehaving starts to kick in. At one point, while we were standing in line, an elderly lady came to stand in line behind us. She asked me how I had time to sew when I had three little ones. I replied that I did this while they were in bed! To be honest, I find making these tutus rather relaxing. Freakshow!

We then headed to "PlayLand". The girls had so much fun, so it was worth it. I was sitting near the back of the play area, and I can hear Jorja bossing Ginny around from where I was sitting. ", no..don't go up there, you have to go up the red stairs first....Ginn....Ginn..." What a bossy little thing, not to mention a loud talker! Ginny still does Jorja's bidding, but it will be interesting when she starts to exert her personality more. It won't be long before Ginny's wearing the pants in this sisterhood. It will be interesting to see what CeCe's personality brings to the mix. CeCe had a nice snooze in the car seat, and then woke up and was content to sit and stand.

Then, it was homeward bound. I must admit, I was feeling thoroughly thrashed after surviving this little outing. I still notice that my stamina isn't what it used to be before this "issue" struck, but hopefully it will continue to return. Screw you, Guillain-Barre! I WILL win! Hah.

Anyhow, I hope that you're all having a great evening. Don't be shy...feel free to post a comment and say hello! We are always curious to see who is reading this thing!



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  1. Just wanted to say "Hi". I loved the comment about GBS and who will win! My feelings exactly. If you go to Market Mall again, and want company, call me - I am 5 min away. I like reading about the girls - never a dull moment!