Monday, May 10, 2010

Soccer shoes

After preschool today, we went to Walmart to get some new runners for Jorja. Soccer starts tomorrow, and she doesn't have any. We had decided that it didn't really pay to buy cleats, so we were just going to get her some regular runners. I tried on some brand name ones that were in the $20 range, but they didn't have velcro or laces, just kind of an elasticized tongue. They were next to impossible to get on over her soccer socks. And I'm not about to get her anything with laces - that's just too much work. So I found a pair of no name velcro ones for $8. I'm not opposed to spending more money - if I really believed the shoes would make any difference in her soccer-playing ability, I would buy them. But the $8 ones fit good, and I asked her if they were good enough. She looked at me, looked at the shoes and said, "Yup, they have pink on them." Enough said.

We also had to pick up some new plastic pails for playing in the dirt in the backyard. On the weekend, we were playing soccer, when I inadvertently stepped on the 'carebear' one. It spent all last summer outside, the winter in the shed, and most of the spring outside. The plastic was so brittle, it basically exploded under my foot. Well, I thought the world was going to end. Jorja cried...and cried...and cried. Even upon my insisting that we would get new pails, she said thinking about the carebear one still made her sad. I even said we would get two pails - one for each of them - to replace this one sacred pail. Finally she agreed. So today we walk into Walmart, and they have lots of summer stuff in a section right by the front doors. I walk down the aisle without pointing anything out, and see some princess pails for $4.93 each. I couldn't believe it was going to cost me ten bucks to replace this brittle, old pail. So we walked to the toy section, and I ended up spotting some for a buck. And they had pink, so all was well.

CeCe had been kind of fussy, so Julie stayed home with her. Lately, when I go somewhere with just the two girls, they insist in driving the red car. We went to get propane for the BBQ on Saturday, and Jorja said, "Yeah, this car is better. It has more power."

Ginny spent the whole car ride today singing 'Cecilia, you're shakin' my heart'. She gets the lyrics a bit mixed up, but she was right into it. She would close her eyes, tilt her head back, and just belt it out.

I went to work this afternoon by myself for coffee. It was great to see everyone and have an outing on my own. I love my kids, but it was a nice break.

I think that was about it for today. Later.

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