Sunday, May 2, 2010

The weekend

I've got to be honest, the reason I didn't write anything yesterday was that I was too irritated. By the time the girls were in bed and asleep, I was done. Let's just say that Ginny didn't get a sticker this morning. CeCe was not very happy most of the day - she's been such a good baby, we've been spoiled. We were at the Pet Land in Stonebridge yesterday afternoon, and she screamed the whole way home, just inconsolable.

Today has been a much better day, except for the usual few hiccups. We went to church this morning, and that was good. The girls really love going now. Jorja has had such awesome Sunday school teachers all along, and Ginny loves to go play in the 'toddwer woom'. She knows most of the other kids names, and talks about going to play with them.

We went to Jerry's for breakfast/lunch after church (we go to the early service, so we're done by 10:30). We sat in the back by the new kids' play area, and let the girls go play before our food came. I've got to say, it was the most relaxing time we've had in a restaurant probably since we had kids. There was no telling them to sit still/quit drinking all your chocolate milk/stop fighting with your sister/put that down/do you want to go sit in the car?/leave your sister alone. They were well behaved, we could see them, but couldn't hear them (and we were within earshot, so that was good). There was no fighting, just getting along. It was nice. On the downside, CeCe was ready for her bottle, so Julie was feeding her. There's one thing I should know by now after three kids is to always have a change of clothes for the baby in the diaper bag. This is a rule we usually live by, but I forgot to replace the clothes after our last explosive outing. Just as our name was being called saying our food was ready, Julie noticed a discolouration on CeCe's tights. Oh oh. I took her to the bathroom to change her, and it wasn't good. The diaper shirt was affected as well as the tights, and there was nothing in the diaper bag. So I changed her, put her poopy clothes back on, and we gave her a bath when we got home.

It was actually nice enough to go outside this afternoon. It was cool, but it was dry, so we took advantage of it. The girls wanted to go for a bike ride, so we did, Jorja on hers, Ginny and me on mine. There's one thing Jorja lacks when riding her bike, and that is focus. She likes to ride in front, which is fine, but then she wants to talk and see us, so she turns her head around while still riding. When you are four years old, this is not a good idea. 'Jorja, look where you're going. Don't hit that car...Jorja, there's a car coming, stay on our side of the road...You can't just stop right in front of me.' Yes, it's always an adventure. We had just went by a parked car, and there was a guy outside in his driveway that I didn't see till we were right there. He was laughing when he said hi and waved. He must have thought we were crazy. Then Jorja asks me, "Dad, is your bike as fast as mine?" Yeah, like it's the bike.

We got the call this evening that soccer starts this week Tuesday. I'm curious to see what Jorja is like this year. She was pretty timid last year, kind of followed the play around, and made sure the ball didn't actually come to her. She was more concerned with the way her hair was bouncing around while she ran. And the water bottle. The Tim Horton's water bottle was always empty at the end of a game. However, the forecast is for a high of 7 and rain, so we'll see.

Right now, Julie is watching 'Animal Autopsy' on the National Geographic channel. This episode is of an elephant. She is fascinated with it. I told her that strange things pop out to her on the program guide. There is no way that would have even registered for me, and she picked it out right away. "Animal autopsy, what's that? Click on it once, let me see. Yeah, give me some HD." And she accuses me of being a high definition snob. Let me tell you, an elephant's bowels in HD are pretty impressive.

Anyhow, I think that's about it for tonight. There's no preschool tomorrow, so I'm not sure what we'll do yet. There's actually only 8 more preschool days (one of which I'm the helper), and then we're done for the summer. What are we going to do for three months?

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