Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wedding boy

This morning, I was cleaning up in the kitchen after breakfast and the girls had gone downstairs to play. Soon, they came back up, and Jorja informed me that her name was Diamond, Ginny's name was Jewel, and that we would be getting married this evening. Oh, I asked? "Yes Dad, you will be my wedding boy, and Ginny is my kid. What's your name?" I asked if I was a prince, because usually when she wants to get married, she is a princess and wants to marry a prince. "No," she said, "you're just my wedding boy." I decide my name would be Alexander. She then shakes my hand and says nice to meet you. Hmmm...we're getting married, we just met, and she has a kid. The whole thing seems a little sketchy to me. And it turns out Diamond is kind of a jealous little thing. I walked into the other room and started talking to Julie. Diamond walks in, puts her hand on her hip and says, "So, who is this? Is she a friend of yours?"

Well, apparently it's time for my wedding. Later.

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