Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No naps

The past two days, Ginny has gone without a nap. It all started yesterday afternoon. Julie had to go to a physio appointment right after lunch. So I went to put Ginny down for a nap. She is so independent these days, and if she can't do something herself, it results in huge hysterics. Falling down on the floor kicking and screaming. Going totally limp when you are trying to carry her. Where do kids learn that? Is it instinct? It's very effective at any rate. I forget what set her off, but she was not happy. We always start time by singing a couple of songs, which she picks. She didn't want to pick any, and did not take kindly to any of my suggestions. So finally I had had enough, and just put her into bed. But you can't put her into bed, she has to get in herself. Now she sleeps in a toddler bed, so it's like six inched off the ground. Well, you'd think she was scaling Mount Everest to get in when she doesn't want to. Yet she can climb to the top of the play centre in the backyard with no issues. Funny how that works. Anyway, we were getting nowhere with going to bed, and CeCe was waking up and ready to eat, and I was by myself, so I finally told her that if she wasn't napping to go downstairs. Julie got home about an hour later, and everyone had calmed down by that time. She said she never would have guessed. At least it appeared that I had everything together. So when I took Jorja to soccer, Julie stayed home with the other two, and had Ginny in bed and asleep before 7:00 with no issues.

So we thought we would try it again today, and it went reasonably well. If this does work out (and I know enough not to let two days be enough of a trial), it will be nice to have more of an evening without children back.

The Shaw guy came today, and the internet seems to be better, but I'm still not happy with the TV. I'll have to call again once I calm down.

Anyhow, it's late, and I should be sleeping. Everyone else is. Later.

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