Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today was another hot day - must have been close to 30. Here's a picture of the girls driving their Jeep yesterday.

We took a trip to Canadian Tire this afternoon to get some stuff for the yard. Our hoses were shot, so we needed a couple of new ones. Also, much to the delight of Jorja, we are growing a bumper dandelion crop. I'm not sure the neighbours will share her enthusiasm though, so we bought the Fiskar weed puller. I don't usually get excited about such things, but this thing is awesome. Mind you, I just tried it a little bit to check it out, and it was kind of fun. I guess the true test will be after the front lawn is tackled. Then I may be a bit more pro-chemical.

I finally turned the water on in the backyard to hook up the hose, and the pipe leading to the underground sprinklers is split wide open. I'm not sure how it happened, because they were blown out in the fall. Anyway, I'm not impressed, mostly because I don't know anything about soldering.

So tonight was Jorja's second soccer practice/game. There were no tears this time, so that was a plus. She actually kicked a ball around with another little girl before the game. This is huge. She's not very outgoing with other kids usually. She even asked her her name. I was impressed. The game itself was a thriller and by thriller I mean kind of painful to watch. Well, it wasn't that bad I guess. But the only action shots I have of her were taken in the pregame warm-up. She kind of got involved in the play briefly, but the thing she was most excited about was the blade of red grass that she found. I was so proud when she came running to the sideline in the middle of the play to show it to me. The only saving grace I have is that there were no dandelions on the field.

Anyway, I guess it's time to go out and check out the dandelions before dark. Then it's back in to watch Glee. Later.

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