Friday, May 7, 2010

Meltdown at the mall

Today we had a few errands to run. Julie had something to take back to Sears, and I had to take our TV and internet stuff back to Sasktel. We switched to Shaw today - they had a really good deal that lasts for a year, so we thought we'd try it. So far so good. I love PVR - it's awesome. Anyway, back to the story. There is a Sasktel store in the Confed mall, and the Dollar store there is a Sears outlet, so that's where we went. Julie took CeCe into the Dollar store, and I kept the other two girls with me. We were done slightly before Julie, so I was letting them play on those little loonie rides in the middle of the mall. Julie came out shortly after and wanted to go into Mark's, so I let the girls keep playing. There was a 'hotdog truck' that had a front seat, and a back seat off to the side that had some buttons by it that still made sound even without putting in any money. Jorja had decided that she was the driver, and that Ginny should sit in the back and not push the buttons. Yeah right. Ginny was pushing buttons and Jorja was reaching back trying to tell her to stop and pretty soon hands and pony tails are flying everywhere and they are both screaming (and I mean screaming) at each other. That was the end of playing in the truck. I pulled Ginny out and told Jorja to get out as well. She said no. I told her that if she didn't get out, I was going to take something away (we've been having some listening issues lately, but that is another whole story). She again said no, so I told her that she couldn't do any puzzles tomorrow. Well, then the wailing really started. I said we were going to find Mom (because I didn't want to keep all this joy to myself). So we set off for Mark's, me holding Ginny while she was crying and Jorja pulling up the rear, still crying. We get to the entrance to Mark's, and Jorja refuses to come in. I ask her if I need to take something else away. Well, then the wailing really starts. It's a good thing we were in the Confed mall, and since Walmart left, the mall is pretty dead. Shorty after Julie walks out and says she recognized the wailing from the other end of the store. Everyone gets calmed down, and we head to Safeway (still in the mall). Pretty soon Jorja and Ginny are sprinting down an aisle. Needless to say, I took the two of them out to the car and Julie finished getting what we needed. Ahh, what a fun day.

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