Sunday, May 16, 2010

Garage sales

We had what seemed like a fairly busy weekend. Thankfully there were no more major bodily function mishaps. We had enough of those on Friday. Let me start with a picture of Jorja from this morning. She had a new hairpiece, and was pretty proud of it, and looking pretty cute if I do say so myself.

This weekend was the Parkridge Community garage sale, so there were tons of garage sales in the area. Friday night, I bought a hedge trimmer, and started attacking the unruly cedars in front of our house. It worked pretty good, I just have to get a ladder out now.

Saturday morning, we set our again, and ended up buying a pool for the backyard. It's above ground, 4 feet high, 12 feet across, and should take up a fairly good chunk of our backyard. It's a good thing our grass is so poor anyway. We could have had it set up already, it was so nice out.

On our way home from church this morning, we thought we would drive around a bit, just to see if there were any more deals to be had. We ended up spotting a battery powered jeep for the girls to drive. It was a bit too big to fit in the back of our SUV, so I rode in the back with it holding the hatch down till we got home. Thankfully we didn't encounter any police officers - I may have had to drive it home. We took it out to the backyard, and the girls had a blast. Ginny was so funny. She didn't get the hang of steering, but figured out the forward/reverse thing. It looked like the scene from Austin Powers when he is trying to turn around this cart in a narrow hallway. She would drive straight ahead until she hit something, spin for a while, and then hammer it into reverse. She would go until she hit something, spin for awhile, and then slam it back into forward. It was pretty amusing.

The girls were playing outside this afternoon, and I thought I should go investigate. I happened upon a bit of a performance. They had their four little chairs set up in a row to observe the show, one seated a soccer ball, one had a watering can, one had a Nemo sprinkler, and the last had another ball. Jorja would then climb to the top of their play centre (the stage) and get ready. I think my coming outside cramped her style a bit, because I never did get to hear her sing. She had to come down and adjust this, and then try to make Ginny sit. "No Ginny, it's not your turn. This is my performance." She got pretty frustrated with her little sister, who seemed oblivious to the fact. Eventually Ginny snuck up there herself and made up a few of her own songs, one which was called 'The Speckled Frog.' I honestly don't know where they come up with this stuff.

Tomorrow is Jorja's last special day at preschool, which means I'm the parent helper. Hopefully it's better than the last one. I can't believe she's done preschool in another week. Time flies. But before I get all sentimental over that, I should go to bed. Later.
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