Sunday, June 13, 2010

We're back!

We made it home this evening from the weekend at Julie's parents' farm. Things went well until we got to Rosetown (an hour from home) when CeCe decided to scream...and scream...and scream. There's nothing like a screaming baby inside a car with two other kids who are bothered by it to get the blood pressure going. She finally fell asleep about five minutes out of town. I suggested we should keep driving somewhere else then, but no one took the bait.

We arrived at the farm Thursday evening in time for supper. Both girls fell asleep in the car so bedtime was not going to come early. Jorja and Ginny went for a ride with Papa first in the tractor and then in the truck. They were having a blast. Jorja couldn't talk fast enough. "The tractor has three speeds slow medium and fast we went mostly in slow and a bit in medium but not too much and not in fast because that would have been too fast and we each got to steer and it has a loader that we got to put up and down and we had to take turns and it was a bit noisy but not too bad and it had three speeds..." Then they went for a ride in the truck to look at some land. They have some land with on old yardsite on it that they call the 'Huber place' (sounds like Hoo-ber). I asked Jorja where they went, and she said, "The Hooer Place." Where? "The Hooer Place." I was going to correct her, but it was just too funny listening to her say it.

On Friday, Julie, Jorja, Ginny and Nanny went to Medicine Hat. CeCe and I stayed back to get some rest. We napped for two hours in the morning. We napped for two hours in the afternoon. It was awesome!

Saturday the sun was finally shining, but the mosquitoes were sooo bad it wasn't funny. I made the comment that they were brutal. Apparently this was the first time Jorja had heard the word, because she kept saying it over and over. "The mosquitoes were bruuutal Nanny. The mosquitoes were bruuutal Papa. The mosquitoes were bruuuutal Mommy."

So that's the weekend in a nutshell. We made it home safe and sound and without any tickets (thanks to a very kind police officer just south of Kindersely that made a motion with his hand for me to slow down). Later.

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