Monday, April 19, 2010


Today, CeCe had to have her first set of immunizations - one shot in each leg. I've always hated that part, but I'm the shot guy. I've taken both girls for all theirs so far, and it works better that way. Anyway, she did pretty good, and now weighs 11 lbs 9 oz.

After the shots, CeCe and I came home, and it wasn't quite time to get Jorja from preschool yet, so Julie, Ginny, CeCe and I went to M&M to pick up some kabobs to BBQ for supper. On the way home, we stopped at the Coop and Julie picked the girls up a can of orange pop to share, and some 5 cent candies. Then we picked Jorja up and went home and they had a 'picnic' with their treats in the back yard. It could have been a five star restaurant the way they thought this was so special. Except for Ginny trying to talk with gummy candy sticking her teeth together - that was pretty funny.

They took their shoes off after their picnic and were playing in the yard. Ginny was colouring with sidewalk chalk when she saw a spider. Jorja came running by with very determined look on her face. "I've just got to get my shoe so I can kill this spider. I've got to smack it in the head." Ahh, the mighty hunter strikes again.

We went for a bike ride after supper, Jorja on her's, and I had Ginny in the seat on the back of mine. As we were biking Jorja asked, "Does God love us all the time? Even when we do bad things?" I assured her He did, and asked if there was something she wanted to tell me. "No, just wondering." Hmmmm...

I got a blister on my finger yesterday working in the yard, and it popped and ripped off before I was done. This evening Jorja grabbed in and I said ouch. Then I showed it to her. She got this really serious, concerned look an her face. "What is that Dad. Will the skin come back." I assured her it would and she wanted to know if it hurt. A little I said. "You shouldn't let anyone touch that Dad, not even you. You shouls use your other hand for stuff." I think it was quite unsettling to her, kind of cute.

Well, here's hoping there's some sleep tonight.

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