Sunday, April 18, 2010


What a gorgeous day out today - warm and not even windy. After Ginny's nap, we went out to the backyard. The girls each have a special water bottle for outside - Jorja's has hearts on it, Ginny's has 'rainbow' (stripes). It's amazing how good water can taste from a water bottle outside - Ginny will basically sit there and drink till all 500 ml are gone. Anyway, Jorja was digging in the flower bed. Her mission is to fill up the flower pots with dirt. Whatever, it keeps her amused. She is taking this tsk fairly seriously though, and was upset that Ginny wasn't helping, she was just sitting and drinking her water. "Ginny, you should help me. This is hard work for just one person. Dad, are you going to help me? Dad, Ginny's not helping me." I was busy pruning some bushes. Eventually, she decided she had to pee and that she was NOT coming back out. Diva.

We were coming home from church this morning, and someone was mowing their lawn. It was nice, so we had some windows down. Ginny says, "What's that noise. It's annoying to me." Diva.

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