Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is it wrong....

to want to wring a child's neck sometimes?? Cuz it's been that kind of day around here! I love my kids, really, I do, but sometimes they truly drive me around the bend.

Some days it seems as though there is nothing but constant bickering and whining. Jorja has been particularly trying, as of late. She's got some serious 4 year old sass and attitude going on. And tantrums!! Oh my!! She stomps her foot, hollers, and carries on like a nasty little diva! If this is what 4 is like, I shudder to see where we're at 10 years from now. And then there's Ginny. She can be just as awful! Always toeing the line, antagonizing Jorja, and such other behaviours. And have I mentioned how crappy night times have been lately? I don't know what the deal is, but she has these major malfunctions after she's been tucked in. She carries on with hysterics and wailing - the scene becomes a major annoyance, and if Jorja's still awake (believe it or not, she can actually sleep through this noise), then she starts to cry because she knows that Ginny's going to catch major trouble.

AND, to top it all off, poor Miss CeCe has caught the dreaded cold that Dave and I have been dealing with. So, she's needing extra love and snuggles in between all of this nonsense.

Highlights of the day include me conquering my fear of yeast. Yes, I made buns for the very first time today, and they actually look okay! Well, that's maybe stretching it a bit - but they taste pretty good. At least, Dave and I thought so. The girls took a few bites and decided that they didn't want anymore. Suits me fine - it just means that I don't have to share them with the girls! Hah!

Anyhow, enough of my whining. Tomorrow's a brand new day, thank goodness. How's the day been in YOUR world?


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  1. Oh Julie, sounds like our house the last few days. I think it's because the kids got used to playing outside for a bit and now being couped up in the house again they're constantly fighting with eachother. Hope it gets better soon for you.

    The buns look so good!! I can almost smell them just by looking at the picture! mmmm now I'm hungry.

    Have a good rest of the week.