Monday, April 26, 2010


Today was Jorja's 'special day' at preschool, which means she gets to bring a special item for share time as well as a parent helper. She gets quite excited about these days (they happen once a month), but I am really not that crazy about them. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind helping out, and I gladly do it for her, but they leave me drained. Today was worse than usual.

First of all, there are the bathroom breaks. I dread them. You have to take whatever kids have to go to the same bathroom, and just supervise. So I have to take them all to the 'boys'. Well, these kids never lock the doors, so I end up standing there holding one door with my hand, reaching the other with my foot and trying to keep an eye on the ones that still have to go or have already gone. It's very stressful. And yes, when one has to go, usually a whole herd has to go. I had three bathroom breaks today.

Then there's the snack time. It's the parent's job to get set up (clean table after craft time and set out place mats) and clean up when it's over. There was a term that was used at work on days when nothing was going right, and it was a general disaster. That term was s**t storm. And it applied to snack time today. One boy's iced tea had leaked all over the inside of his backpack. One girl's spoon had punctured the top of her pudding, so there was pudding all over the inside of her lunch kit. One girl had a yogurt tube, and it exploded all over her face and shirt while she was attempting to open it. One girl spilled a glass of water. One boy had no straw for his juice box, but insisted on drinking it anyway. Ahh, good times.

Craft time itself today was pretty benign, just some glue sticks, scissors and markers. No paint at least.

Then there's the clean up after - sweep, mop vacuum. All in all, a fun filled 2 hrs 20 mins.

This morning the girls all wanted to get into Jorja's bed together (well, I'm not too sure about CeCe).

This evening Ginny was a rock star. I don't know why, but she always puts sunglasses on upside down.
That was about it for today. Time for bed.


  1. Why do they always make kids snacks explosive??
    Ginny may be ahead of her time-I sense a trendsetter!
    And- OMG Cece is getting so big!!
    Love the blog, Dave-tell Jewels we miss her...

  2. sorry Dave, your snack time story just made me laugh... :)