Thursday, April 15, 2010

Playing with Dolls

The girls were playing with their babies this morning. Jorja decided that her baby was baby Jesus, she was Mary, and Ginny was Joseph. Ginny's baby was Kate - not sure where she fits in. She had both babies wrapped up in blankets and placed in the feed box. Then they woke up and it was time to eat. Only one of the dolls came with a bottle, and Jorja was using it. Ginny asked for the bottle to feed her baby as well, and Jorja replied, "No, you gotta use your boob." "My boob?" "Yes, your boob." Then it came time to change diapers. I was in the other room so I could just hear what was going on. Jorja laid her baby down on the change mat and said, "Jesus." I hope she was just saying the baby's name, and it wasn't a reaction to the diaper. We may need to have a talk then.


  1. Hello Dave & Girls! Nice work on the blog! It's very entertaining!!! I will look forward to many more posts! xxxx

  2. Thanks Jill, hope you're feeling well.